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Optimal Solutions for Various Applications

Our broad range of technical products has been developed for a wide range of applications.

PSA Oxygen Generators

JLOX-500 series molecular sieve are mainly used in PSA oxygen generator for generation of high purity oxygen with the advantages of faster adsorption rate, higher oxygen production rate and longer use life.oxygen purity is up to 93%±3%

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PSA Generator

VPSA Oxygen Generators

JLOX-103  oxygen enrichment sieve bed is the lithium form aluminosilicate with X type crystal structure. lithium based high performance oxygen enrichment sieve bed;designed for industrial VPSA oxygen plant,Capacily: 300 -10000 Nm3/hour, oxygen purity is up to 93%±3%

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vpsa oxygen sieve

Portable medical PSA oxygen concentrator

Portable medical oxygen concentrators sieve bed material using molecular sieve as adsorbent, by pressure swing adsorption (pressure swing adsorption, PSA) in ambient air as raw material, under the condition of normal temperature low pressure, when using molecular sieve pressure of nitrogen in the air (adsorbate) adsorption capacity increases, the decompression of the characteristics of the nitrogen adsorption capacity to reduce in the air, forming pressure adsorption pressure desorption process of rapid cycling to separating oxygen and nitrogen in the air, resulting in a high concentration of oxygen.

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Cryogenic Air Separation

Cryogenic air separation plays a key role in producing oxygen, nitrogen, and argon by separating contaminants such as carbon dioxide and water from a gas stream.

Our rapid absorption solution can satisfy the wide needs of air separation across numerous industrial production.

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Peerless Production Capacity in Asia

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20+ Years In Business, 20+ Years In R&D

Since its inception in 1998, JALON has invested heavily to build a high-level R&D team which enables us to keep at the forefront of technology in the industry.

Our experts spare no effort to refine the existing products, develop new products, and expand applications.

The over 20 years saw our R&D great achievements in forms of technology patents, superior products and global clients' trust. Moreover, we will update our R&D center continually to be a pioneer.

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Technical Support In All Aspects

At JALON, we offer a one-stop solution of expertise and feasibility.

From adsorbent manufacturing, to technical advising, and application improvement, we will cover all your needs as our technical team is well-versed in the specific properties and advantages of our product portfolio.

Based on rich experience of our engineers, we can significantly improve your productivity and efficiency with perfect product and solutions.


Why JALON Is Your Reliable Partner

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Superior Capability

As the large molecular sieve manufacturer equipped with automatic production lines, JALON can maintain the quick delivery of stable products at competitive prices.

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Constant Services

Turn your idea into a reality or provide perfect application solution with customization service, sample testing and sample making free of charge.

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Higher Quality

Your business success have been guaranteed by our high performance molecular sieve of high crush strength, high adsorption capacity, low attrition and low dust.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

As the industry's top provider, we constantly invest in R&D to employ cutting-edge technology, which can help our customers solve their most difficult application challenges.

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Why choose JALON

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Successful Projects Of Our Clients

Jalon Letter BP 07242023 00

Li Ion Battery for Drying of Oganic Solvents

Cryogenic air separation

Cryogenic air separation unit project

VPSA project

VPSA oxygen generator project




Jalon Attains EcoVadis Certification: A Testament to 25 Years of Sustainable Excellence

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P05 2 S05 不同批次生产产品存样到档案室 scaled
Jalon seventh molecular sieve technology and application summit forum held

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The opening ceremony of the second phase of Jalon (Thailand) was successfully held.

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Jalon's 9th Summit Forum on Molecular Sieve Technology and Applications was held successfully

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泰国图片1 669450
Assemble and Advance Forward — Jalon (Thailand) Team Building

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background 669450
The 8th JALON Online Summit Forum on Molecular Sieve Technology and Application Was Held

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1 669450
Accelerating Molecular Sieve Material Market Deployment with A New Joint Venture Between Jalon Micro-nano and CP Nano

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Jalon 2
Jalon Molecular Sieve Passed the Performance Evaluation of a Newly Built Iran 80,000Nm3/h Cryogenic Air Separation Project

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DSC 0755
Jalon 2021 Work Review and Commendation and the 2022 Mobilization Meeting

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molecular sieve 3a
Jalon Molecular Sieve’s Outstanding Performance in Food-Grade CO2 Purification Project

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2021 JALON Annual Summary Conference of Business

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JALON's First Overseas Production Base was Completed and Put Into Production

JALON ‘s first overseas production base was completed and put into production JALON THAILAND’s completion and commissioning ceremony was grandly held

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Work together to rebuild a better home and get a better life back on track

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Happy Children Day

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Jalon Try Our Best to Help Indian Customers Provide Oxygen Molecular Sieves

Jalon try our best to help Indian customers provide oxygen molecular sieves

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summit forum
Jalon Seventh Molecular Sieve Technology and Application Summit Forum Held

forum brought together experts from many domestic universities and scientific research institutes engaged in the basic research of molecular sieves

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Jalon Solemnly Held the Closing Ceremony of the Training Course

Jalon solemnly held the closing ceremony of the training course for improving the quality of middle-level cadres

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women day
Strive to be the Most Beautiful Striver

The “March 8th” International Women’s Day is here as promised, and Jalon company extends warm greetings and best wishes to the women who work hard in each position.

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Jalon 2020 Annual Summary Conference

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La Ba
Happy La Ba Festival

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jalon zeolite
Jalon 2021 Dun & Bradstreet report

Dun & Bradstreet clients include some of the world’s largest and most successful companies. Customers can reduce risk, increase cash flow and increase profitability through Dun & Bradstreet risk management solution

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jalon zeolite
Jalon 2020 Sales Summary and 2021 Work Plan Meeting

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Jalon Donation Activities
The Donation Ceremony of Jalon to Pangxu Foundation of Inorganic Synthetic Chemistry was Held at JiLin University

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Winter Festival
Happy Winter Solstice

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Jalon has Obtained Two New Certificates

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Jalon factory 1
Jalon —— Fast-Growing Leading Molecular Sieve Manufacturer

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Jalon was Listed for 1 Year

JALON Listed for A Year

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jalon conference
2020 Jalon Sales Work Analysis was Successfully Held

Luoyang Jalon Micro-nano New Materials Co., Ltd. ‘s 2020 sales branch’s work analysis summary meeting for the first half of the year and the second half of 2020 work deployment meeting were successfully held.

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Jalon 2021 Semi-annual Summary Conference of Sales Devision

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Jalon Successful Landing Technology Version

Jalon Micro – Successful landing technology version

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Jalon Letter BP 07242023 00


This letter is to inform you that we evaluated Molecular Sieve JLOED 3.0-5.0 MM product from Luoyang Jalon Micro-nano New Materials Co., Ltd to dry our organic solvents for production of electrolyte for Li ion battery. The resulting organic solvents that went through our process with the Molecular Sieve JLOED 3.0-5.0 MM product in our R/D and production facility located in Chico, CA, US passed our specifications showing extremely low content of moisture, below 10ppm. This Molecular Sieve product met our quality requirement, and it is highly recommended for use in the industry of Li ion battery for drying of organic solvents. We also appreciate the technical support from the company.

Nanotech Energy


Cryogenic air separation unit Project

Yuntianhua United Commerce Co., Ltd. 52000 Nm3/Cryogenic air separation unit Project

Luoyang Jalon Micro-nano New Materials Co., Ltd. JLPM series molecular sieves are mainly used for cryogenic drying of general industrial gases. The purification system in the air separation unit removes H2O and CO2, as well as natural gas and other hydrocarbon desulfurization (removal of H2S and mercaptans) and CO2.


It is worth mentioning that Yuntianhua United Commerce Co., Ltd. Company 52000 Nm3/Cryogenic air separation unit project. The design and manufacture method of the air separation unit by air, adsorber adopt vertical radial flow design, processing capacity of 311352 nm3 / h, 5.13 Bar (A) adsorption pressure, loading type my company JLPM3 efficient molecular sieve 92 tons, 107 tons of activated alumina, can ensure that the CO2 content in the air mean 1000 parts per million (2000 PPM) instantaneous equipment and stable operation, export CO2 molecular sieve < 0.1 PPM.

The fifth-generation high-performance molecular sieve JLPM1 is an advanced molecular sieve used in the pre-purification unit (APPU) of air separation equipment. Compared with previous generations, the fifth-generation high-performance molecular sieve JLPM1 has significantly improved CO2 adsorption capacity; the fifth-generation high-performance molecular sieve JLPM1 will bring multiple benefits to air separation designers and operators. For the design of the new air separation plant, the application of the fifth-generation high-performance molecular sieve JLPM1 can make the air separation occupy a smaller area, thereby reducing equipment investment and operating costs. The fifth-generation high-performance molecular sieve JLPM1 can also be used for the transformation of old equipment, which can reduce energy consumption or improveair separation processing capacity.

VPSA project

Zhuhai Yueyufeng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. 30000Nm3/h pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) oxygen production project

Oxygen molecular sieve is an important material to ensure the work of VPSA oxygen production equipment. This project is another successful case of our JLOX-103 lithium-type high-efficiency oxygen molecular sieve.


The 30000Nm3/h pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) oxygen production project of Zhuhai Yueyufeng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., designed and built by CSSC Huanggang Precious Metals Co., Ltd., was successfully started up on June 27, 2019. As of May 29, 2020, the device has been operating stably for 11 months, and all indicators are better than the design indicators. It has been highly recognized and praised by customers, and has created a cumulative effect of 150 million yuan per year for the enterprise. At the same time, the project has realized intelligent oxygen production, mobile control and remote monitoring to guide production, helping to realize the green and intelligent promotion of the industry.


The project uses 4 sets of pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) oxygen generators in parallel. The single set of device is designed to produce 7500Nm3/h of oxygen and 80% oxygen purity. It is filled with our company (Luoyang Jalon Micro Nano New Materials Co., Ltd.) JLOX-103 lithium-type high-efficiency oxygen molecular sieve is 68 tons, the actual oxygen output reaches 7650Nm3/h, and the oxygen concentration is above 82.3%. The 4 sets of equipment in this project are filled with 272 tons of our JLOX-103 oxygen molecular sieve, with a total oxygen production of more than 30000Nm3/h.


Oxygen molecular sieve is an important material to ensure the operation of VPSA oxygen production equipment. This project is another successful case of our company’s JLOX-103 lithium-type high-efficiency oxygen molecular sieve.

Luoyang Jalon Micro-nano New Materials Co., Ltd. JLOX-100 series high-efficiency oxygen generation molecular sieve is a lithium X-type aluminosilicate crystal, which is an oxygen generation molecular sieve with international advanced level. Widely used in: iron and steel, non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical industry, furnace energy-saving transformation, environmental protection, papermaking, aquaculture, medical care and other industries.

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