Zeolite PSA JLOX-500


Zeolite PSA JLOX-500

Zeolite Oxygen Sieve for PSA Process

13X PSA O2 HP IN JALON Equivalent JLOX-500 molecular sieve for oxygen generator, it is high-efficiency oxygen molecular sieve, a new type of X-type molecular sieve, which is mainly used in pressure swing adsorption oxygen production process with pressure adsorption and atmospheric analysis. It has a high nitrogen adsorption capacity and an excellent nitrogen and oxygen separation coefficient.

JLOX-500 products are mainly used as oxygen concentrator sieve bed materials in PSA industrial oxygen production and medical center oxygen supply systems. The JLOX-501 product is designed for PSA portable medical oxygen concentrator 1-5L/Min,oxygen purity can up to 93%±3%.

PSA Zeolite

Technical Specifications

Item Type Diameter Static H₂O Adsorption Static N₂ Adsorption N2/O2 Selectivity Bulk Density Crush Strength Package Moisture
JLOX-500 Bead 1.6-2.5 ≥29.5 ≥8 ≥3 0.64±0.02 25±3 ≤1.0
JLOX-501 Bead 0.4-0.8 ≥30 ≥8 ≥3 0.64±0.02 ≤1.0
Unit mm %wt  g/ml N %wt
Note RH75%,25℃ 25℃,760mmHg 25℃,760mmHg Settled Average 575℃,1hr

Major Applications

PSA Oxygen Generators

JLOX-500 series molecular sieve are mainly used in PSA oxygen generator for generation of high purity oxygen with the advantages of faster adsorption rate, higher oxygen production rate and longer use life.oxygen purity is up to 93%±3%

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PSA Generator

Portable medical PSA oxygen concentrator

Portable medical oxygen concentrators sieve bed material using molecular sieve as adsorbent, by pressure swing adsorption (pressure swing adsorption, PSA) in ambient air as raw material, under the condition of normal temperature low pressure, when using molecular sieve pressure of nitrogen in the air (adsorbate) adsorption capacity increases, the decompression of the characteristics of the nitrogen adsorption capacity to reduce in the air, forming pressure adsorption pressure desorption process of rapid cycling to separating oxygen and nitrogen in the air, resulting in a high concentration of oxygen.

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psa oxygenerator

Professional Package

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