Assemble and Advance Forward — Jalon (Thailand) Team Building


Led by president Mr. Li Jianbo, Jalon (Thailand) spent a wonderful day on 31st July 2022 to strengthen team unity and to express Jalon’s appreciation for the devotions of all Jalon (Thailand) members.

The Coral Islands sets in Pattaya, Thailand, and is famous for its extraordinary view of the clear sea, white coral, and crystal sky. The joy in various water sports and activities washed nationality obstacles away, and everyone enjoyed the sunshine and beach.

The joyful time is always running fast. A seafood feast is well deserved for the Jalon (Thailand) team and the trip’s end.

Chinese staff expresses their happiness here with local colleagues. Thai staff’s welcome mind and kindness mean a lot to them, especially when they are far away from their own families and homeland. Thai staff values this unique and outstanding experience with the Chinese team, after a period of adaption, they well fit with the fast working pace. And it is also an incredible experience in their career.

The working principle of the president Mr. Li Jianbo, “Self-disciplined, Altruistic, Thoughtful, Practice”, is well recognized by Jalon (Thailand). We will unite together and move forward as one, to achieve the vision and duty of Jalon (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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