Air Separation JLOX-300


Air Separation JLOX-300

Molecular sieve JLOX-300 is used in cryogenic air separation pre-purification unit.

JLOX-300 can fully exert and show its adsorption performance under low partial pressure.

zeolite PSA hydrogen purification

Technical Specifications

Item Type Diameter Static CO₂ Adsorption Static CO₂ Adsorption Bulk Density Crush Strength Package Moisture
JLOX-300 Bead 1.6-2.5 ≥6 ≥6 0.68±0.03 ≥25 ≤1.5
JLOX-305 Bead 3—5 ≥19.5 ≥19.5 0.68±0.03 ≥80 ≤1.5
Unit mm %wt  g/ml N %wt
Note 25℃,2.5mmHg 25℃,250mmHg Settled Average 575℃,1hr

Major Applications

Cryogenic Air Separation

Cryogenic air separation plays a key role in producing oxygen, nitrogen, and argon by separating contaminants such as carbon dioxide and water from a gas stream.

Our rapid absorption solution can satisfy the wide needs of air separation across numerous industrial production.

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  • Advantage

    Under the condition of 2.7-2.8mmHg, compared with 13X molecular sieve, the adsorption capacity is increased by 53.6%. According to the reversible principle of molecular sieve adsorbent adsorption and desorption, the desorption efficiency of the purifier can be greatly improved, and the adsorption cycle (up to 7 hours) can be significantly extended. That is, the purifier can be made higher without changing the purifier device. The air handling capacity of the air purifier reduces the investment capital of the purifier and has higher economic benefits.

  • Storage

    The product should be stored in original pack or air-proof package in cool and dry conditions should not be left exposed to open air.

  • Regeneration

    Molecular sieve JLOX-300 series can be regenerated by increasing temperature or reducing the pressure.

Professional Package

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