Jalon 2021 Work Review and Commendation and the 2022 Mobilization Meeting


Jalon’s annual work summary & commendation and 2022 mobilization meeting were grandly held on the morning of 23rd January 2022. According to the pandemic principle, this ceremony is held mainly in Jalon multi-function hall, with four parallel sessions in Jalon Thailand company, Jalon Innovation Center, sales branch company, R&D center.

Jianbo Li, Chairman, and CEO of Jalon, made a comprehensive review of the work in 2021. Li gave positive comments on Jalon’s development, also pointed out the problems and deficiencies that appeared during 2021. To learn from the past, Li has a detailed arrangement on the upcoming works in 2022, leading Jalon staff to a new era along with united understanding, conception, and direction.

“Facing the complex economic situation, pandemic, flood disaster, and others through 2021, we showed them our courage and wisdom, achieved a rapid development regardless of all the obstacles. However, we should stay passionate, stay sharp and stay alert throughout this marathon.” Li sentenced: 2022 is a year to promote ‘Safety, Efficiency, Management, Innovation’, we need to focus on the changing future instead of the past. Only strength within can overcome the bigger challenges. ‘Three points strategy’ and ‘Promotion in four aspects’ must be the priorities, we need to address our weakness then fix it by specific examination, further finish the very job. In the meanwhile, current production and quality should also be promoted to a higher level.

Chaoyang Guo, the COO of Jalon, announced the award list of departments, teams, and individuals, presented trophies and licenses to them. Ten companies and official branches were presented as Excellent Partner, Partner of the Year, Strategic Cooperating Bank, and Excellent Cooperating Bank, covering ICBC Yanshi Branch, Yanshi Zhongyuan Drum Co., Ltd., China Sixth Metallurgical Construction Co., Ltd. Robert Li, Lianxi Wang, Xiaonan Ma, and Roy Zhu gave speeches representing the awarded.

Company executives signed the Evaluation of Performance of 2022 and Letter of Commitment to Integrity and Self-discipline, promising to promote management, take responsibility, detail work assignments, and keep determination.

The most exciting part is the lottery draw, which became the annual Jalon convention. The reward pool contains hundreds of items including phones, laundry machines, tablets, Smartwatches, etc. All the staff was excited to participate, and the joys pushed the atmosphere to the ceiling.

Though the road ahead is dangerous and difficult, we can only achieve our goals with constant effort. We must press ahead with a sense of perseverance to expect a better future. A new year is another marathon for us, let’s aim to the same target and move forward with a sense of urgency, pressure, and responsibility. Stay as one then can we achieve the target of 2022 and build a gorgeous future for Jalon and ourselves.

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