High-Performance Production Lines

By employing the distributed control system (DCS) automated system production lines, we can use computer technology to centrally monitor, operate, manage, and decentralize the production process, which can ensure production safety, improve automation and management, and improve product quality Improve labor productivity, reduce labor costs, energy consumption and raw material consumption.


Superior Production Technology

Our superior production technology will bring you the best products.

Our engineers had spent lots of time to explore the optimal formulas of each kind of product and conduct thousands of sample products production. By testing and comparing the key features like compressive strength, granularity, bulk density, wear rate, and adsorption capacity of samples of each formula, we have gained rich experience to make a perfect formula for specific requirement quickly.


Regular Staff Training Course

As a leading player in this industry, JALON have 400 skilled workers who should grow with us together to bring new products to market, and serve for new applictions as well.

Though our workers are experienced, they are arranged to take training course relugarly to catch the latest technical trend to ensure the consistency of quality,

Hence, we can eliminate the possible mistakes in production beforehand to avoid any loss may be caused .


Quality-Focused Mass Production

Raw Materials Mixing

According to the mixing ratio, our workers will get the raw powder, clay, and additives fully and evenly mixed in a mixer, preparing for the stage of ball making or kneading and extrusion.


Materials Kneading

We will add the mixed materials, additives and water to the kneader to obtain a highly uniform and relatively humid material. It can ensure the compressive strength and density of our products.



The mixture is nucleated in a ball forming machine to reach a certain particle size, and then sieved and hardened to obtain an intermediate product with strength and a smooth and hard surface.


Drying, Calcination, Screening

Remove the moisture and organic additives contained in the molecular sieve intermediate product while maintaining the precursor of the molecular sieve intact to obtain a shaped molecular sieve product with excellent performance


Cooling And Packaging

Our workers will put the qualified product into a sealed iron box first, and then puts it into sealed barrels or other packaging like bags and cartons after it cools down to avoid exposure to the air.



Though, there are property tests conducted at every production stage, we will take samples from each batch of product to do representative tests and make a comprehensive analysis to ensure its performance.


Highly Protective Packages

After inspection, the qualified products will be packed and stocked in our warehouse temporarily.

At JALON, we provide a wide variety of packaging solutions to meet with the specific needs of our clinets. You are given various choices on sizes, materials and more.

Moreover, the tag on the package indicates the product name, net weight, batch number, packaging date and shift, etc.

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