2021 JALON Annual Summary Conference of Business

jalon meeting 1

By the end of 2021, Luoyang Jalon Micro-Nano New Material Co., Ltd. (Stock:688357.SH, hereinafter Jalon) held the 2021 annual summary conference of business in Courtyard by Marriott in Luoyang City.

The purpose of this conference is to review the achievements and problems of Jalon’s marketing throughout 2021, then discuss and set the right direction for next year on team motivation, business marketing plan, and further how to achieve 2022’s sales target.

Chairman Jianbo Li, COO Chaoyang Guo, CFO Yidan Li, CTO Yuwei Wei, and sales branch GM Hongbo Ning, DGM Yicheng Li leading all sales teams attended this conference, with the most of R&D department members.

During the conference, Hongbo Ning summarized the sales performance of 2021 and announced the sales target for 2022. Directors of each sales team reported their performance and shared business experiences with us. Representatives of each sales team gave their report on the corresponding area, clients, and project.

“Keep enriching ourselves while moving forward, strive to current work can bring forth new.” This sentence is chairman Jianbo Li’s advice to every Jalon member. Abundant product knowledge and consistent quality are both our superiorities in marketing, which leads Jalon to be one of the top-notch molecular sieve manufacturers in the world today. Jianbo Li gave a positive comment on the sales team’s performance and send his appreciation on behalf of Jalon. Several representatives of sales and R&D received rewards from the chairman to thank and praise their devotion to work and outstanding contribution to Jalon.

In the end, Jianbo Li emphasized: ‘Jalon’s sales performance was raised to a higher level with great efforts from each of us, regardless of the covid-19 epidemic and disaster during 2021. But it’s not the right time for us to sit back or celebrate. The situation in 2022 is most likely to be hard with lots of uncertainty ahead. But we must stay passionate and sharp to the market, always move as one so can we achieve more and make Jalon great again.

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