Jalon 2020 Annual Summary Conference

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Steady and long-term, win the future. On the afternoon of February 9th, 2021, Jalon’s 2020 Annual Summary and Commendation and 2021 Mobilization Conference were held. All members of the company’s management committee and employee representatives gathered together to summarize 2020 and welcome 2021, full of the joy of harvest, embarking on a new journey and opening a new era with full enthusiasm.The conference was presided over by the office director Xu Juanjuan. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the meeting was organized in the form of “uniform deployment, partial participation, and video conference”. The conference will set up the main venue in the Jalon multifunctional hall, and set up branch venues in the Thai Jalon Project Department, Marketing Center, R&D Center, and the company restaurant.

At the meeting, Li Chaofeng, President of Jalon , conducted a comprehensive review of the 2020 work, summarized the highlights of the work, analyzed the existing problems, and deployed key tasks for 2021.

Li Chaofeng pointed out: 2020 is the first year for the company to start a new journey after its listing. Faced with the severe and complex internal and external situation and the severe impact of the new crown epidemic, under the strong leadership of the chairman, the company insists on “facing difficulties and adversity” The general tone of the work is “Raising, Seeking Progress in Stability, Seeking Good in Progress”. With the hardworking spirit and perseverance of rolling up the mountain, all employees overcome difficulties and forge ahead with determination to maintain the company’s sustained and stable development. 2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”. It is a year of deepening the company’s strategy. It is necessary to continue to carry forward the work style of “excellent building dragons” pursuing excellence and excellence, and insisting on seeking progress while maintaining stability. The general tone is based on the theme of promoting high-quality development, driven by management model innovation and technological innovation, and starting from improving the management ability and performance of personnel at all levels, continue to deepen the institutionalization, standardization, standardization, and normalization of management mechanisms Construction, closely following the major themes of safe production, intelligent manufacturing, and green production, strengthen basic management, accelerate project construction, highlight cost reduction and increase efficiency, and strive to become a world-class enterprise.

At the meeting, company leaders awarded trophies and certificates of honor to the commended advanced units and individuals, and awarded trophies to six outstanding partners including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Yanshi Branch and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Luoyang Branch. Sun Xiaowen, President of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Luoyang Branch, also came to the scene and presented the “Strategic Partner” medal on behalf of the Zhengzhou Branch. The winning representative made a statement by Gu Lianying, Sales Director of Sanxin Sales Department of the sales branch.

Chairman Li Jianbo fully affirmed the achievements of the work in 2020 and the hard work of all employees, expressed his warm congratulations to the teams and individuals who received outstanding honors, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all employees who worked hard and forge ahead.

Chairman Li Jianbo delivered an important speech on the theme of “Strive for stability and achieve success in the future”. He pointed out that in 2021, we must take the new development concept, promote high-quality development, and build a new development pattern as guidelines, actively integrate into the construction of the sub-central city and the Luoyang metropolitan area, and continue to improve the development of “gold content”, “new content”, and “green” “Quantity” requirements, benchmarking world-class enterprises, insisting on high-quality development of enterprises driven by technological innovation, taking the first step towards stabilizing new development opportunities, and concentrating efforts to achieve the annual business goals. It is necessary to go all out to promote project construction, make full use of various resources, scientifically arrange and accelerate construction progress, strengthen construction site management, safe and civilized construction, and make every effort to promote the high-quality completion of each project construction on time, in order to build Jalon’s  industry The growth pole provides a solid guarantee. It is necessary to continue to implement institutionalized management, standardized management, standardized management, and normalized management, improve the corporate governance mechanism, explore and establish a group and vertical management model, and improve the company’s management level. We must unswervingly accelerate the pace of informatization construction, accelerate digital transformation and upgrading, upgrade the modernization level of the industrial chain, and accelerate the promotion of high-quality development. We must take the implementation of special incentives as the starting point, concentrate superior forces, coordinate superior resources, solve the difficulties, pain points, and inflection points of the company’s development, and continue to tackle tough problems. It is necessary to continue to promote the building of the cadre team, and build an “iron army” team that is responsible for the secretary and has a high degree of execution.

If you have Lingyunzhi in your heart, you don’t need to raise your whip for yourself. Chairman Li Jianbo emphasized at the end: In 2021, I hope everyone will further unify thinking, stick to strategy, strengthen confidence, seize the good opportunity period, both internally and externally, improve breakthroughs, and comprehensively promote the company’s high-quality development, towards a better development of Jalon Go all out tomorrow!

The conference also held the signing ceremony of the senior executives’ 2021 target responsibility letter to further strengthen target management, implement main responsibilities, consolidate work tasks, and stimulate the determination of officers.

After the meeting, the wonderful New Year party kicked off. Songs, dances and other colorful programs express the uplifting spirit of Jalon employees and their good expectations for a new life. The wonderful performances of the actors feasted everyone’s eyes, and the scene received warm applause from time to time. In the middle of the party, various branch venues were also connected to send a beautiful New Year blessing to the majority of employees who stick to their jobs.

The multiple rounds of lottery throughout the audience have pushed the atmosphere to a climax again and again. The prizes at this annual meeting included a total of 568 awards such as TVs, mobile phones, and tablets, ensuring that all employees of the company won. The employees participated enthusiastically, and the excitement was extraordinary, which added more joy and celebration to the annual meeting.

      Everything in the past is a prologue, based on a new stage and integrating into the new pattern, only those who struggle win and those who strive to win. New year, new journey. Let us continue to carry forward the work style of “excellent Jalon people” pursuing excellence and striving for perfection, not forgetting the original aspiration, working hand in hand, steadily and far-reaching, bravely standing on the forefront, and creating new glory in 2021 and writing a new chapter!

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