Research and Development

JALON always focused its attention to providing the highest customer service experience, delivering top quality products and never stopping the research and development of new technology and products.

R&D Achievements

Products Updating

With a focus on quality, JALON offers superior products by refining existing products and design new products.

Applications Expansion

We have expanded the applications of our products to more than 20 industries in over 35 regions and countries.

Technical Patents

Now, JALON has obtained 35 national patents on technology innovation independently, being a pioneer in this industry.

R&D Capability

  • Our Professional Technical Team

    JALON has a professional scientific research team consisting of 56 experts, most of which have been granted PhD and master degree from well-known universities at home and board, mainly focusing on the developments and applications of molecular sieve microporous materials.

  • The-State-of-The-Art Lab

    With our heavy investment of 14.5 million RMB in R&D, our laboratory has been equipped with the state of the art instuments, which enables us to conduct experiments and tests to the highest level, covering more complicated application area.

  • Cooperation With Universities

    By cooperating with top demostic universities, JALON can not only benefit from the add-on reserve of talents, but also create opportunities for students to take part in practical research work. Through those win-win cooperation, JALON gains rich scientific data to support its development.

  • Fully-Functioned Pilot Plant

    Based on a fully-functioned pilot plant, we can check the reaction law after the reaction scale is expanded, the product variables, and whether the reactor can operate normally and obtain operating parameters. So we can bring your idea into a reality and provide taliored products for specific applications.


The Academician Work Station

With the support of the goverment, JALON is able to set up a academician workstation where the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering will work with our engineers to conduct joint research.

In this way, we can significantly strengthen our R&D capabilities, develop new technologies, new products, new processes and new equipment, and cultivate brand of independent property rights.


Experts That Empower Our R&D Center

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WeiBin Fan

Researcher and doctoral supervisor of Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

s05 img06

WeiMin Yin

The fourth generation chief engineer of Jalon, leads the design and development of Luoyang Jalon Adsorption Material Industrial Park.

s05 img03

YongLong Xi

Technical consultant of Jalon, Professor-level senior engineer of Shanghai Institute of Chemical Industry.

s05 img02

YingShu Liu

Technical consultant of Jalon, Professor and doctoral supervisor of University of Science and Technology Beijing, director of the Institute of Gas Separation Engineering.

s05 img04

WenFu Yan

Technical consultant of Jalon; Ph.D., professor of the School of Chemistry of Jilin University, deputy director and secretary of the Molecular Sieve Professional Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society.

s05 img08

HongYuan Li

The second generation chief engineer of Jalon, Professor of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

s05 img07

LianQing He

The third generation chief engineer of Jalon, Responsible for the development of industrial production of LiLSX molecular sieve, a highly efficient and energy-saving oxygen-generating adsorbent.

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