Jalon 2021 Semi-annual Summary Conference of Sales Devision


From July 10 to 12, 2021, Luoyang Jalon Micro-nano New Materials Co., Ltd.2021 sales branch work analysis summary meeting for the first half of 2021 and work deployment meeting for the second half of 2021, at Novotel Huashan, Huayin City, Weinan, Shaanxi Province The special hotel was successfully held.

At the meeting, the company’s chairman Mr. Li Jianbo attended meeting and made an important speech. The company’s vice president and secretary of the board of directors, Ms. Li Yidan, the general manager of the sales branch, Mr. Ning Hongbo, and dozens of company leaders and company employees attended the meeting.

The meeting was presided over by Mr. Ning Hongbo, general manager of the sales branch. Mr. Ning Hongbo read out the “Work Summary for the First Half of 2021 and Work Plan for the Second Half of 2021”, and conducted a comprehensive, objective and fair evaluation of the sales work in the first half of the year. Summarize, and formulate the company’s sales plan for the second half of 2021. The chief directors of the company respectively reported to the chairman of the board of directors on the completion of the work in the first half of 2021, the existing shortcomings, and the sales targets and measures in the second half of the year.

After listening to the report, Chairman Li Jianbo pointed out that the gradual release of new production capacity and the completion of the Thai Jianlong project in the second half of 2021 will effectively alleviate the current contradiction between production, sales, and supply. All departments and company employees must continue to adhere to the market-oriented approach. Focus on customers and strive to create more value for customers; always insist on starting from the company’s interests, putting the company’s interests first, treating the company’s affairs as their own, benchmarking advanced standards, and everyone has goals and measures, Learn from the advanced and strive to realize their own value in life; sales personnel, especially new recruits, must endure loneliness, withstand the test, have the spirit of sitting on a cold bench, and earnestly learn product knowledge and sales skills; We must have confidence and determination to face the difficulties, resolutely complete the personal sales tasks in the second half of the year, contribute our own strength to the realization of the company’s business goals, and strive to become brilliant people.

At the meeting, the Ministry of Legal Affairs conducted knowledge training on the Civil Code and warning education on accident cases. The R&D Center and Jianyang Technology also conducted relevant business knowledge training for everyone. Through learning and training, all sales staff clarified their goals and formulated Practical and feasible measures were adopted, legal awareness, risk awareness, and the concept of serving customers wholeheartedly was strengthened. The entire meeting was tense, orderly, efficient, and pragmatic, and achieved complete success.

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