3A Activated Zeolite Powder


3A Activated Zeolite Powder

JLH-03-B are synthetic zeolite of the type A crystal structure, in kalium form having after dehydration an effective pore opening of 3 Angstroms.It can be used as adsorbent or desiccant directly in polymer systems; it deals with moisture problems without causing undue problems with shelf-life viscosity, avoid the formation of bubbles, and prolong the service life of the material.

zeolite powder

Technical Specifications

Property Unit JLH-03-B Note
Static H2O Adsorption wt% ≥ 24.50 RH50%, 25℃
Packing Moisture wt% ≤ 2.00 550℃, 2hr
Screen Residual wt% ≤ 0.20 325 Mesh
Settled Density g/ml 0.50-0.60 ~
Ph Value ≤ 11.00 5% Solution

Major Applications

Polyurethane Industry

Moisture is one of the primary challenges in the polyurethane industry since the material readily absorbs water from the air and create gaseous carbon with the isocyanate constituent. The Carbon Dioxide gases can create undesirable effects such as air bubbles on polyurethane coating, which significantly decreases the shelf life of the product.

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zeolite for Polyurethane industry

  • Specification

    Molecular sieve powder is well compatible with commonly used polyols, polyethers and isocyanates. They are easily dispersible and especially stabilized to ensure sufficiently long hardening times.In certain paint and coating systems, moisture introduced into the formulation via the raw materials (solvents, pigments, extenders) causes undesirable side effects.In metallic and zinc-rich paints (such as marine paints for tank ships and yachts), water reacts with the very active metallic pigments such as zinc or aluminum, forming hydrogen. This leads to overpressure in the cans, and in extreme cases to leakage.Zn+H2O→Zn(OH)2+H2Al+H2O→Al(OH)3+H2In metallic and zinc-rich paints, the adverse effect can be avoided by the use of JLH-03-B, JLH-04. It adsorbs the moisture rapidly, with the result that the above reactions can be suppressed, thus reducing returns and storage problems.

  • Application

    Painting and coating.Sealants and adhesives.Pigment and solvent drying.Insulating glass manufacture.Dehydration of polyurethane polymer

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