Jalon Molecular Sieve Passed the Performance Evaluation of a Newly Built Iran 80,000Nm3/h Cryogenic Air Separation Project


Recently, Jalon received a report titled ‘Performance Report of Jalon Molecular Sieve in Overseas 80,000Nm3/h Cryogenic Air Separation Project’ from a client of the cryogenic equipment industry in Hangzhou. This facility has been adjusted to reach the designed production capacity by the end of 2021. The Cryogenic air separation equipment and molecular sieve purification system are both operating well. Jalon molecular sieve perfectly meets the technical design and the requirements of the contract after evaluation.

The molecular sieve purification system is an essential part of cryogenic air separation equipment. The humidity, ethyne, CO2, and others in the air are removed or purified to guarantee the facility’s safety and stability.

The 80,000Nm3/h air separation project above is a breakthrough in the application for Jalon, meaning our capability reaches a new level.

In 2020, the JLPM series molecular sieve is applied to three 52,000 Nm3/h Cryogenic air separation projects of Baofeng Energy, two 45,000Nm3/h Cryogenic air separation projects of ChinaCoal, the new 30,000Nm3/h Cryogenic air separation project of Shandong Shiheng Special Steel Group Co., Ltd., the new 50,000Nm3/h air separation project of Shanxi Jincheng Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd., etc. Jalon’s JLPM series molecular sieves are applied to several over 50,000Nm3/h Cryogenic air separation projects of clients from Ningxia Province to replace the imported products.

A molecular sieve is a sensitive industrial consumable with a lifetime. Jalon’s business transferred from replacement market to newly built project. Technology barrier, fund, qualification and evaluation period are challenges that Jalon has to face during development. Each successful application and client’s approval are priceless treasures to us.

With the successful cases in replacement in both cryogenic air separation projects and PSA oxygen generator projects increasing, Jalon gradually stepped into the market of newly built projects at home and abroad. Jalon’s JLOX-300 series, JLPM series, and JLOX-100 series have been qualified and accepted to replace the equivalent imported products in cryogenic air separation and PSA oxygen generators. Jalon is now capable to compete with international factories with its wide product range and consistent quality.

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