Technical Services


Be A Helper To Your Success

Our technical and service teams consist of a pool of expertise to support you in defining your application projects and ensuring perfect compatibility between our products and your equipment system, which guarantees our shared success.

Free Consultation Before Sale

Before cooperation, our experienced technical team will provide free consultation on products and applications.

By deeply understanding your needs, completely studying your project drawing and fully considering your budget, our expert team will send you a detailed project analysis report and preliminary plan.

Only upon your approval, we will move to the next stage.


Sending You Optimal Solutions

Whether you are looking for materials of higher performance for a new application, to replace the used material, or distributors of molecualar sieve, we will offer you the optimal solutions as our technical team is well-versed in the specific properties and advantages of our product portfolio.

Moreover, our service team consists of engineers, some of which boast 20 years' experience in oil refining, petrochemical, natural gas, other chemical production plants.

In this way, JALON is able to provide a professional solution quickly within your budget.


Free Sample & Free Testing

Want to know whether our product will match with your machine & equipment, or if we can make mass production according to samples you provided?

JALON has equipped an advanced laboratory where we can not only conduct regular product tests, but also test samples for clients free of charge.

In order to support your business in all its aspects, we will provide free sample & test report no matter the sizes of your orders. For bulk order, we can even equip new machines to meet your testing needs.

  • Constant Technical Support

  • The applications of chemicals are a highly complex field which requires a close and constant communication with customers.
  • In each application project, we are glad to offer whole-process technical service in form of technical assistance, adsorbent activation, and process optimization.
  • With a complete marketing network, our partners or sales representatives worldwide can help us to offer on-site or online engineering support, operation services and troubleshooting for your whole project.

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