Hydrogen Sieve JLPH5


Hydrogen Sieve JLPH5

Luoyang JALON JLPH5 is a synthetic crystalline aluminosilicate with well-developed three-dimensional pore structure and strong polarity with pore opening of 0.5nm. Molecular sieve JLPH5 is Binderless 5A specially designed for PSA hydrogen purifications. It can also used for separation of normal paraffins from branched and cyclic hydrocarbons, PSA oxygen generation.

zeolite PSA hydrogen purification

Technical Specifications

Property Unit Bead Note
Diameter mm 1.6-2.5
Static Water Adsorption wt% ≥25.00 RH75%, 25℃, activated
N2 Adsorption ml/g ≥11.00 760mmHg, 25℃, activated
CO Adsorption ml/g ≥28.00 760mmHg, 25℃, activated
Bulk Density g/ml 0.74±0.02 Settled
Crush Strength N ≥30.00 Avg. 25 beads
Particle Ratio % ≥97.00 Standard Sieve
Package Moisture wt% ≤1.50 575℃, 1hr

Major Applications

PSA hydrogen purification

The principle of PSA-pressure swing adsorption hydrogen production is to use adsorbents to easily adsorb high-boiling components under the same pressure, but not easy to adsorb low-boiling components.

Molecular sieve is a special molecular sieve for pressure swing adsorption hydrogen production, pressure swing adsorption oxygen production, pressure swing adsorption carbon monoxide production, and normal isoparaffin separation.

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PSA hydrogen

  • Storage

    The product should be stored in original pack or air-proof package in cool and dry conditions should not be left exposed to open air.

  • Regeneration

    Molecular sieve Binderless 5A JLPH5 can be regenerated by increasing temperature or reducing the pressure.

Professional Package

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