Jalon Attains EcoVadis Certification: A Testament to 25 Years of Sustainable Excellence

EcoVadis Bronze

We are delighted to announce that Jalon, a 25-year manufacturer of synthetic zeolite powder, molecular sieves, activated zeolite powder and activated alumina, has achieved the prestigious EcoVadis Certification. This accomplishment stands as a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable business practices and corporate responsibility.

Championing Sustainability for 25 Years
For a quarter of a century, Jalon has been at the forefront of manufacturing synthetic zeolite powder, zeolite, and activated alumina, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to quality and innovation. This legacy of excellence extends to our sustainability initiatives, with the EcoVadis Certification serving as a testament to our enduring dedication to environmental and social responsibility.

Global Recognition by EcoVadis
EcoVadis, a renowned global authority in evaluating corporate sustainability, has acknowledged Jalon for our exemplary environmental and social performance. This recognition places Jalon among the ranks of responsible businesses committed to creating a sustainable and ethical future.

Setting New Standards Across Two Continents
Jalon operates with pride through two production plants strategically located in mainland China and Thailand. This dual presence enables us to serve our global clientele with top-notch synthetic zeolite powder, zeolite, and activated alumina. Achieving the EcoVadis Certification sets new standards not only for our industry but also across two continents, showcasing our commitment to responsible business practices on a global scale.

Collaboration for a Sustainable Future
This accomplishment is not ours alone; it is a shared success with our valued partners, clients, and stakeholders. Jalon believes in fostering collaborative efforts to create a sustainable future. We extend our gratitude to all those who have supported us in this journey.

Ongoing Commitment
Our journey towards sustainability does not end here. Jalon remains dedicated to implementing sustainable practices across all facets of our business. The EcoVadis Certification serves as a catalyst for future initiatives, encouraging us to explore new avenues for positive environmental and social impact.

Celebrating Our Team
Behind every success story is an exceptional team. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated individuals at Jalon whose hard work, passion, and commitment have made this achievement possible. Your efforts embody the spirit of Jalon’s mission towards responsible and sustainable business operations.

Learn More and Join Us
We invite you to explore more about our 25-year legacy, sustainability initiatives, and the EcoVadis Certification on our website. Join us in celebrating this significant achievement and stay tuned as we continue to lead in sustainability, making a lasting impact on the world.

Jalon is proud to be a 25-year manufacturer of synthetic zeolite powder, molecular sieves, activated zeolite powder, and activated alumina, and the EcoVadis Certification reinforces our commitment to a better, greener future. Thank you for being part of our journey towards sustainable excellence.

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