Work together to rebuild a better home and get a better life back on track


From July 19th to 20th, Yanshi District of Henan Province suffered from heavy rains for several years. The rainfall in a single day and the total rainfall in one process both broke historical records. The continuous heavy rainfall caused severe waterlogging, and many towns were affected. The production and life of the country have caused great impacts and losses.

Being in the disaster area, the situation of the disaster also affects the hearts of every employee of Jalon company. While restoring the normal operation of the company, the company actively fulfills its social responsibilities, devotes itself to the social rescue and recovery work, and sends it to Henan Province as soon as possible. The Charity Federation donated RMB 500,000; donated RMB 500,000 to the Red Cross Society of Yanshi District, Luoyang City, with a total donation of RMB 1 million for the post-disaster reconstruction of the disaster-stricken areas in Henan Province and post-disaster relief for the disaster-stricken people in Yanshi District.

On the afternoon of July 22, Jalon cooperated with the Red Cross Society of Yanshi District, Luoyang City, led by the company’s vice president Li Yidan, formed four teams and rushed to Baiyu Village in Fudian Town and Dongcai Village in Manling Town respectively. Zhuangcun, Wangyao Village of Shanhua Town, and Shanzhang Village of Dakou Town sent condolences to the victims and delivered urgently needed daily necessities such as instant noodles, mineral water, ham sausage, bread, etc. to the victims, and contributed to helping the victims to tide over the difficulties and to rebuild the disaster areas smoothly. More power.

We are in the same boat through storms and we believe that we will be able to get a good life back on track as soon as possible.

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