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    1. What kinds of oxygen production technology?

    PSA(Pressure Swing Adsorption)、VPSA(Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption)、Cryogenic air separation for oxygen production

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    2. What are the technical indexes of oxygen molecular sieve?

    Nitrogen Equilibrium Adsorption Capacity, Separation Coefficient of Nitrogen and Oxygen, Package Moisture , Crush Strength, Bulk Density.

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    3. What factors are used to determine the size of the adsorber?

    The size of the adsorber mainly refers to the inner diameter of the simplified tube and the height of the adsorption bed (or the height of the cylinder).

    The inner diameter of the cylinder depends on the flow rate of the fluid and the selected flow rate and the size of the air separation device and the technological process.

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    4. What is attentions of molecular sieve filling process?

    Avoid wet weather;

    In dry no oil mist, No corrosive gas environment;

Services & Support

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    1. Can I get the assist because I first time imported molecular sieve?

    Yes, sure. We have a professional business team and freight forwarding cooperation company, helping you solve the import and export trade problems.

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    2. Have you ever had a successful overseas PSA&VPSA oxygen system and Cryogenic air separation project?

    Yes, sure. Please search the Case page of our website, you could also directly consult our sales manager, thank you.

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    3. For the new PSA&VPSA oxygen production system and Cryogenic air separation project, Does your technical support department can use the design loading scheme?

    Yes, sure. We have a professional technical team,  helping you design the loading scheme.


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    1. What are your company terms of payment?

    T/T; O/A; L/C; D/P; D/A
    *Negotiation according to customer needs
    *Full payment is required for the first cooperation

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    2. Small amounts can be paid by credit card or Paypal?

    Yes, sure. You could contact our sales manager directly.


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    1. What are the ways of packing?

    25kg carton with inner PE bag;
    10-gallon steel drum;
    55-gallon steel drum;
    *Other packages according to the customer requirements.

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    2. What is the quantity of your company's products that can be packed in a container?

    FCL: 40GP: 16t-24t
    20GP: 9t-12t
    LCL: 1t-6t

    *Depends on the specific packaging of the goods.

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    3. What is your company MOQ?

    MOQ is 500KG-1000KG.

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    4. What kinds of your company transportation are available?

    Air transportation and sea transportation.

    If goods weight more than 500KG, Sea transportation is recommended, because the freight will be relatively high.

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