Lithium molecular sieve JLOX-100


Lithium molecular sieve JLOX-100

JALON Molecular sieve JLOX-100 series is designed for oxygen concentrator that has high-efficiency nitrogen adsorption, JLOX101 molecular sieve is a lithium X-type(LIX Zeolite) aluminosilicate crystal, adsorb nitrogen from the air while allowing the oxygen to pass get purified enriched-oxygen through the system pressure swing adsorption(PSA) in a medical oxygen concentrator devices. It has the characteristics of large nitrogen adsorption capacity, high nitrogen and oxygen separation coefficient, and easy desorption. Its nitrogen adsorption capacity is 2-3 larger than the A-type oxygen molecular sieve. The separation coefficient of nitrogen and oxygen is more than 2 times that of A-type oxygen molecular sieve.

zeolite PSA hydrogen purification

Technical Specifications

Item Type Diameter Static H₂O Adsorption Static N₂ Adsorption N2/O2 Selectivity Bulk Density Crush Strength Package Moisture
JLOX-101 Bead 0.4-0.8 ≥30 ≥22 ≥6.20 0.63±0.03 ≤0.5
JLOX-103 Bead 1.3-1.7 ≥30 ≥22 ≥6.20 0.63±0.03 ≥15 ≤0.5
Unit mm %wt  g/ml N %wt
Note RH75%,25℃ 25℃,760mmHg 25℃,760mmHg Settled Average 550℃,KF

Major Applications

VPSA Oxygen Generators

JLOX-103  oxygen enrichment sieve bed is the lithium form aluminosilicate with X type crystal structure. lithium based high performance oxygen enrichment sieve bed;designed for industrial VPSA oxygen plant,Capacily: 300 -10000 Nm3/hour, oxygen purity is up to 93%±3%

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vpsa oxygen sieve

Portable medical PSA oxygen concentrator

Portable medical oxygen concentrators sieve bed material using molecular sieve as adsorbent, by pressure swing adsorption (pressure swing adsorption, PSA) in ambient air as raw material, under the condition of normal temperature low pressure, when using molecular sieve pressure of nitrogen in the air (adsorbate) adsorption capacity increases, the decompression of the characteristics of the nitrogen adsorption capacity to reduce in the air, forming pressure adsorption pressure desorption process of rapid cycling to separating oxygen and nitrogen in the air, resulting in a high concentration of oxygen.

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Zeolite lithium X-type Oxygen Molecular Sieve for Oxygen Concentrator - Features

  • Advantage

    The JLOX-101 lithium grade oxygen molecular sieves designed for PSA portable medical oxygen concentrator 1-5L/Min, JLOX-103 grade is designed for VPSA industrial oxygen generator, which oxygen flow rate is above 300Nm³/h, oxygen purity can up to 93%±3%.

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  • Storage

    The product should be stored in original pack or air-proof package in cool and dry conditions should not be left exposed to open air.

  • Regeneration

    Molecular sieve JLOX-100 series can be regenerated by increasing temperature or reducing the pressure.

  • Related Products

    JLOX-500 products are mainly used in PSA industrial oxygen production and medical center oxygen supply systems.

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