Based on our higher quality standard and scientific quality management system, JALON constantly supplies high-performance products with stability and reliability.

Our Quality Management System

  • Quality is a crucial part of JALON’s corporate identity. Our approach is to integrate the standards of international quality system of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 into core operations.
  • Therefore, we can work toward quality consistency and we will focus our efforts on the continuous improvement of quality throughout our manufacturing.
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Our Professional Analysis Center

At JALON, we set up a professionally-equipped lab to meet the international mainstream product analysis and testing requirements. Moreover, we can also order corresponding testing equipment to meet the actual application needs of customers, and improve our own capabilities to better serve our customers.

In this way, all materials, samples and finished products are analyzed and certified against specifications at our own lab where we can use test methods according to international norms and have also developed proprietary test procedures specific to your applications to ensure our products give the expected performance.


Quality Starts From Reliable Materials

For each 5 tons of raw materials, we will take less than 13 samples at random, the total weight of which should be no less than 1 kg.

All the raw material samples will be divided into two equal parts, one of which is kept as a retained sample, and the other one is analyzed according to our standard tests;

We take the arithmetic mean of the parallel measurement values ​​as the report result, and the absolute value difference between the two measurement results should be under 0.4%.


Details Speak For Our Superiority

When exposed to cold and moist conditions, the molecular sieve is easily cracked after being calcined in a roaster. Therefore, we pay close attention to take protective actions at production, especially in the winter.

By equipping a reliable venting system, we can keep the roasting furnace at good condition for production, and by conducting strict tests on the unfinished products at every stage, we can ensure that the final products are qualified.


Documents Record Our Reliability

All analysis results will be compared with our quality standard as well as the standards provided by clients to meet their application requirements, and sent to clients as a quality warranty document.

After the samples are analyzed as required, we will keep 200 g samples from each batch material for a period of three years for traceability.


Stringent Control, Superb Quality

Stable Performance

To ensure that the indicators of the intermediate product are stable and uniform, the seed should be added continuously and quantitatively.

High Compressive Strength

According to the temperature change, we adjust the flow of cooling circulating water and speed of machine to ensure high compressive strength, less dust.

High Bulk Density

By timely machinery inspection and maintenance, we can adjust the speed and angle of machines to avoid the impact of mechanical loss on bulk density (g / ml).

High Adsorption

By quickly packing under the condition of low air humidity (humidity <50%), we can avoid the water absorption during packing to keep lowest moisture content.

Advanced Equipment Used To Control Quality

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Intelligent Particle Strength Tester

s08 img2

Dynamic Mixer

s08 img3

Constant Temperature Stirring Reactor

s08 img4

Gas Chromatograph

s08 img5

Hiden Gas Analysis System

s08 img6

X-Ray Detector

s08 img7

Laser Particle Size Analysizer

s08 img9

Particle Abrasion Tester

s08 img10

Carl Fisher Moisture Detector

s08 img11

Micromeritics Surface Area And Porosity

Loss on attritio1

Loss on attritio

30Nm3 h PSA VPSA Pilot test unit

30Nm3/h PSA/VPSA Pilot test unit

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