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Luoyang Jalon Micro-nano New Materials Co., ltd. – A global company,With 22 years specialized in adsorbent industry forming a complete industrial chain of adsorption materials,We specialize in design and production of Zeolite Powder, and Molecular Sieve, activated alumina.

1. One of the leaders in the molecular sieve industry, with a 36.42% growth in the first three quarters.

Jalon is one of the leaders in the domestic adsorption molecular sieve industry. As of 2020, the company’s semi-annual report will mainly produce include Zeolite Powder, molecular sieve, activated alumina, etc. The company has a clear positioning, focusing on molecular sieve adsorbents production, the products are facing the global market.

2. The molecular sieve market is growing steadily, and the demand space is considerable.

In 2018, the global molecular sieve market capacity was 1.497 billion U.S. dollars, gradually increasing steadily every year. It is expected to be 2023.The size of the global molecular sieve market will reach approximately US$2.01 billion in 2018, with a compound growth rate from 2018 to 2023.

The growth rate is 6.08%. In terms of industry structure, air separation, energy and chemical industry, medical oxygen production, environment/exhaust gas. Governance is the most important application area, among which there is potential for medical oxygen production and exhaust gas treatment. In 2015, Jalon’s global market share increased year by year, from 1.73% in 2016 to 2018, 4.70% of the year. In 2018, it was the largest molecular sieve manufacturer in China.

3. Covering the entire industrial chain of molecular sieve, technological innovation and capacity expansion are the main directions.

Jalon is one of the few domestic products that covers raw Zeolite Powder, molecular sieve. For enterprises in the entire industry chain of R&D, production, marketing, and technical services, the overall profitability of the company is better than competitors.

Based on the company’s existing technological innovation platform, Jalon Development, continue to research and develop new products, open up new application markets, and continuously optimize production technology to form iterative research and development strategy mechanism to ensure that the company’s technical level is in a leading position in China.

The planned production capacity is 33,000 tons, including the annual production of 21,000 tons of molecular sieve project and the annual production of 12,000 tons of molecular sieve project.Screening the raw powder project, the successful commissioning of the fund-raising project is expected to solve the company’s existing capacity bottleneck, which will help the company continue to increase the market share of products.

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