Jalon Molecular Sieve’s Outstanding Performance in Food-Grade CO2 Purification Project

Jalon Office Building

Recently, Jalon received a letter of thanks titled ‘Jalon Molecular Sieve’s Outstanding Performance in Food-Grade CO2 Purification Project’ from Sichuan Meifeng Messer Gas Products Co. Ltd. (hereinafter Messer Sichuan Gas)

In Nov. 2019, Messer Sichuan Gas decided to apply the Jalon self-developed molecular sieve to their food-grade CO2 purification project, and this project started on 5th Dec. 2019.

Through 2 years of operation and test, Jalon Molecular Sieve’s performance and stability both well meet project requirements, and further guarantee the facilities’ operation. Helping our client to design, test then apply our customized molecular sieves to their facilities is what Jalon has been offering and this case is only one among many successful cooperations.

Jalon R&D center was established since the company foundation in 2002. At first, the R&D center mainly supports synthetic zeolite powder and activated zeolite powder product development and quality control. In 2005, Jalon entered the molecular sieve industry and was preparing to upgrade the R&D team. Next year, “Luoyang Molecular Sieve Engineering Technology Research Center” was set by Jalon. Now the lab has been upgraded to “Molecular Sieve Adsorbent Engineering and Technology Research Center of Henan Province”. The R&D center has advanced equipment for synthetic zeolite powder and molecular sieve basic specification test, new product (including synthetic zeolite and molecular sieve) development, and evaluation. It is also open to the public for technical service. Jalon’s R&D center consists of several specialized consultants who used to be working in different fields for decades. Their experience in facility installation, operation, and equipment loading is quite helpful in customizing molecular sieve design. Only efficient communication combined with professional knowledge can smooth the cooperation and tighten our business bond.

The molecular sieve is a class of inorganic non-metallic porous crystalline materials with large specific surface area, regular pore structure, and tunable functional units, which can effectively separate and select molecules by different diameters, polarities, boiling points, and organic hydrocarbon molecules by different degree of saturation. It has the functions of ‘sieving molecules’ and ‘shape-selective catalysis’ which makes it a strategic emerging material that can realize energy saving and emission reduction, environmental governance, and ecological restoration. Its market application is increasingly diversified, and it has more possibilities and potential growth.

According to the information released by the International Molecular Sieve Association, there are 253 types of molecular sieve structures known in the world. Under the current technical conditions, only around 20 types of molecular sieve structures such as LTA type, FAU type, and MFI type can be produced on an industrial scale.

In the future, Jalon will continue having the main business focused on molecular sieve new materials. Based on the current entire industrial chain, R&D support, automatic production line, and other advantages to continue to deepen the implementation of the “Three-field strategy”, “Internationalization strategy” and “Production diverted from adsorption to catalyst strategy”. Optimizing Jalon’s product structure to achieve differentiated development. In the meantime, we will also do our best to ensure the service of diversified customer needs and support each other to achieve common development.

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