Jalon 2020 Sales Summary and 2021 Work Plan Meeting

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From January 8 to 10, 2021, Luoyang Jalon Micro-nano New Materials Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “Jalon Micro-nano”) 2020 sales branch summary meeting and 2021 sales deployment meeting were successfully held. Chairman Li Jianbo, President Li Chaofeng, some senior executives and all employees of the sales branch attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Ning Hongbo, general manager of the sales branch, summarized the sales work in 2020 and deployed the work plan for 2021. The directors of each department conducted a summary report and work exchange on the sales work in 2020. Chairman Li Jianbo fully affirmed the achievements of the sales branch and expressed his gratitude to all sales staff for their hard work on behalf of the company. Subsequently, the chairman made arrangements for the strategic goals of the sales branch in 2021, and put forward specific requirements for the next step of sales work.

During the meeting, all departments of the sales branch jointly discussed, revised and signed the “2021 Target Management Responsibility Letter”. The business manager shared experience and summarized speeches, commended outstanding business managers and issued letters of appointment. The meeting also held a business knowledge contest, aimed at improving the comprehensive business knowledge of sales staff. After fierce competition, 6 business managers won.

The meeting also invited the company’s R&D center to conduct product knowledge training for all staff, and invited Lawyer Liu to explain the necessity and urgency of restructuring the text of corporate foreign transaction contracts after the implementation of the Civil Code in 2021, and invited well-known Chinese studies Master Wang gave a lecture on Chinese culture knowledge for all staff.

After the meeting, we organized everyone to watch a rich and colorful cultural visual feast brought by the Xiqu School of Luoyang Institute of Technology. The show was brilliant and the atmosphere climaxed, so that the business managers who have been in the front line of sales for a long time relaxed physically and mentally, and further activated the scene atmosphere. After the performance, we led everyone to visit the Xiadu Ruins Museum in Erlitou, which is known as “the earliest China”.

Through this meeting, all members of the sales department have a more accurate and clear understanding of the market situation in 2021, their work thinking has become clearer, their confidence has increased, and their morale has greatly increased! With the end of the meeting, the sales branch embarked on a new journey in 2021, not forgetting its original intention, forging ahead, and setting out for a better tomorrow!

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