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For more than 20 years, Jalon has built its empire based on providing excellent products and services, making us reliable experts when it comes to molecular sieve raw materials sourcing. Now, we are tagged as the leading molecular sieve powder manufacturer not only in China but also across countries worldwide. 


One of our in demand products is the activated zeolite powder, and this activated molecular sieve powder has excellent moisture adsorption capability. In polyurethane system, zinc-rich coating, painting, sealant, and adhesive production and application, it functions as a moisture scavenger to get rid of water and other contaminants contained in solvents and additives to improve product quality and extend its life.

Jalon Molecular Sieve Powder

3A Molecular Sieve Powder

4A Molecular Sieve Powder

5A Molecular Sieve Powder

13X MolSieve Powder

Use of Molecular Sieve Powder

Mole sieves are used for drying gases and liquids. They have crystalline structures of metal aluminosilicates, creating uniform cavities for adsorption of water. The size of the adsorbed molecule depends on the size of the molecular sieve used.

Jalon provides 3A, 4A, 5A, and 13X molecular sieve powder variants. Our molecular sieve powder are used in many industrial applications, including various filtration systems like gas streams and breathing equipment. In addition, due to its shapeless powder feature it can be used as an additive to products and polymers to expel moisture and air bubbles. 

zeolite 13X molecular sieve

3A Activated Zeolite Powder

Jalon’s 3A activated zeolite powder is perfect for sealants, coatings, adhesives, and paintings.

4A Activated Zeolite Powder

4A molecular activated sieve powder is commonly used to remove moisture from polyurethane polymer systems. It deals with moisture issues without causing further problems with shelf-life viscosity and the likes.

5A Activated Zeolite Powder

Our 5A activated zeolite powder is applied as a filling material in food, medicine, cosmetics, plastic, rubber, paint, insulating glass, electronic components, and more.

13X Activated Zeolite Powder

Similar to the 5A variant, 13X is applied to wide applications. However, it can achieve deeper dehydration and better adsorption of trace moisture. Also, it can adsorb acid gases like hydrogen sulfate and carbon dioxide to improve the physical and chemical properties of products or materials.

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