Strive to be the Most Beautiful Striver


The “March 8th” International Women’s Day is here as promised, and Jalon company extends warm greetings and best wishes to the women who work hard in each position.

In order to better showcase the responsibilities of women on all fronts of the company, the company’s labor union held a theme photo contest of “Strive to be the most beautiful woman, show the most beautiful woman around you”, to fix the most beautiful image of the woman and show the most beautiful from different perspectives. The company’s female image.

After the event was launched, various departments actively participated, and one after another, the most beautiful women around them were fixed in the camera. The dedication of the R&D girls, the dedication of the front-line workers, the hard work of the sales staff, and the conscientious work of the logistical support…”The air is as orchid, the talent is fragrant, and the shoulders are as strong as steel.” They are delicate and unique to women. , Tenacious and mindful work style, aggressive and courageous in their respective positions.

“The world is beautiful because of women, and life is perfect because of women”. Let self-confidence and beauty go along. All women will work harder, shoulder the historical mission, and make new contributions to the company’s growth.

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