13X Activated Zeolite Powder


13X Activated Zeolite Powder

JLH-013 are synthetic zeolite of the type X crystal structure, in sodium form having after dehydration an effective pore opening of 10 Angstroms.It can achieve deep dehydration, adsorb trace moisture, avoid the chemical reaction between water and some active ingredients, and can adsorb acid gases such as hydrogen sulfate and carbon dioxide released in the system, improve the physical and chemical properties of products or materials.

zeolite powder

Technical Specifications

Property Unit JLH-013 Note
Static H2O Adsorption wt% ≥30.00 RH50%, 25℃
Packing Moisture wt% ≤2.00 550℃, 2hr
Screen Residual wt% ≤1.00 325 Mesh
PH Value ~ ≤11.00 1% Solution

Major Applications

Polyurethane Industry

Moisture is one of the primary challenges in the polyurethane industry since the material readily absorbs water from the air and create gaseous carbon with the isocyanate constituent. The Carbon Dioxide gases can create undesirable effects such as air bubbles on polyurethane coating, which significantly decreases the shelf life of the product.

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zeolite for Polyurethane industry

  • Application

    As a functional filling material in medicine, food, rubber, plastic, paint, insulating glass, cosmetics, electronic components, electrical materials, aviation industry widely used.

Professional Package

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