JALON’s First Overseas Production Base was Completed and Put Into Production


JALON THAILAND’s completion and commissioning ceremony was grandly held

JALON is proud to be the first listed molecular sieve adsorbents manufacturer in China, offering first-class products and services for various applications in different industries, especially these complicated case which is extremely challenging to our competitors. In order to realize the international development strategy, the company established JALON THAILAND Company.

On the morning of November 18th, 2021, the completion and commissioning ceremony of JALON THAILAND was held in Chonburi Industrial Park, Thailand. The company’s chairman Li Jianbo, the company’s operations center general manager Kong Zhifeng, JALON THAILAND general manager Li Luopu, JALON THAILAND project director Han Hongqi and other management representatives with Chonburi Magistrate Phakarathorn Teanchai, Thailand’s Henan Chamber of Commerce Liu Chao, Thailand’s Hebei Chamber of Commerce Gao Guijun, Ms. Ladda Rojanavilaivudh of WHA Industrial Development Public Co., Ltd., branch heads of Bank of China (Thailand) and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Thailand), and representatives of the Fourth Design and Research Institute of Machinery Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Participated in the ceremony together. All employees of the company participated in the ceremony online, witnessing important moments in the company’s growth and development process.

Interior picture of JALON THAILAND Factory

At the ceremony, Han Hongqi first read out the letter of thanks and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the team of the project contractor for the careful organization and scientific construction of the project to ensure that the project was completed on time and successfully passed the acceptance. Subsequently, Kong Zhifeng, general manager of the company’s operation center, read the congratulatory letter from JALON. Thank you to all employees of JALON THAILAND who will adhere to the goal of “striving for stability, innovation, and development”, adhering to the corporate spirit of “unity, integrity, pragmatism, and innovation”, not forgetting the original aspiration, self-improvement, and courage. Forge ahead, concentrate on accelerating the overall construction and development, and jointly write a new chapter in the company’s development.

“JALON THAILAND is the first overseas construction project of JALON in response to the national Belt and Road Initiative and the Maritime Silk Road. It is expected to achieve an annual output of 12,000 tons of molded molecular sieve. They are also widely used in the petroleum industry, air concentration, natural gas processing, and oxygen generators, depending on their types.

The products are mainly exported to foreign markets. The completion and commissioning of JALON THAILAND is a new achievement in the company’s development.” Li Luopu, general manager of JALON THAILAND, said in his speech that in the future, JALON THAILAND will strictly follow the company’s headquarters deployment, resolutely implement the international development strategy, and go all out. Focus on production, promote development, actively integrate into the development and construction of the global market, form industrial linkages with the domestic, steadily do a good job in international market supply and the optimization of the company’s product structure, and form a win-win situation of financial growth, employment increase, and company efficiency. Jalon develops and grows.

Interior picture of JALON THAILAND Factory

Chonburi Magistrate Phakarathorn Teanchai, Chairman of the Henan Chamber of Commerce in Thailand Liu Chao, Chairman of the Hebei Chamber of Commerce in Thailand, Gao Guijun, respectively delivered speeches to congratulate the completion and commissioning of JALON THAILAND.

Finally, the chairman of the company Li Jianbo delivered a speech. Li Jianbo first expressed his gratitude to Chonburi, WHA Industrial Park, Henan Chamber of Commerce in Thailand, Hebei Chamber of Commerce in Thailand, and the contractor for their strong support for the construction of the JALON project in Thailand. Li Jianbo said: JALON THAILAND is an important measure for the company to actively integrate into the country’s “One Belt One Road” and implement its international development strategy. The completion and commissioning of the project is not only an important milestone in the history of JALON ‘s development, it has realized the first step in the international development of JALON, and it has also perfected Thailand’s industrial categories and filled the gap. I hope that all employees of JALON THAILAND will guard against arrogance and rashness, dare to take heavy responsibilities, take the initiative, and create new achievements in output and quality. At the same time, the company must seriously summarize the construction experience of the JALON THAILAND project to provide support for the company to further promote the development of its international development strategy.

JALON will strive to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of molecular sieves and to refine the applications of our present products by employing intelligent technology with the aim of offering better solutions to our customers.

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