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In need of zeolites? Jalon is proud to pioneer molecular sieve adsorbents productions in China, one of the global leading synthetic zeolite manufacturers. With more than 20 years of experience, we are trusted by our global clients in the industries of natural gas, petrochemical, oil refinery, coal chemical, and more. 


Jalon is proud of its research and development capabilities because our technology patent, product design, and application innovation cultivate our products and improve them to serve more industries.

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Common Uses of Synthetic Zeolite Powder

The use of molecular sieves are more than water removal. They are also widely used in petroleum industry, air concentration, natural gas processing and more, depending on their types.

Molecular Sieve Raw Materials​

Molecular sieve raw materials are components that can separate molecules based on shape and size. It is made from zeolite powder combined with a binding agent, producing rolled-bead materials.

They are used for drying liquids and gases since synthetic zeolites are porous solids that can segregate particles of molecular dimension. Note that separation is based on the molecule polarity, and this occurs when two molecules are uniformly small and can enter the pores.

Water Filter, Water Purification​

Zeolite powder is an ideal choice if you are looking for better efficient filtration performance in terms of water filter or purification processes. This is because zeolite media do not just capture particles between grains; they also absorb them towards their pores to catch them.

Because of zeolite powder’s ability to capture high concentrations of contaminants, the media is applied in water treatment, wastewater treatment, agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture industries.

Medical Solution​

Currently, zeolite powder has been widely studied for human and veterinary medicine applications. This is due to several positive effects on health, one of which is its detoxification properties.

Zeolite powder bulk here in Jalon is one of the most searched and powerful supplements on the global market today. This is because we only provide high-quality clinoptilolite zeolite as a reliable zeolite powder manufacturer.

Zeolite Animal Feed​

Zeolite powder can be used as a grower animal feed additive, potentially improving ingestion and reducing manure nutrient levels. In addition, our synthetic zeolite powder can increase the adsorption surface.

More than that, synthetic zeolites are used in animal nutrition primarily to improve performance traits and, based on their fundamental physicochemical features. Also, they are discovered to be effective in preventing ammonia, poisonings, and radioactive elements uptake.

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