Happy Children Day


All adults were once children, though few remember it.  Today June 1st wish you unload the heart guard, unload the camouflage, when a childish children, to their own tired heart, put a small holiday.  

Choose what you love, or love what you choose, change what you can change, can’t change, just try to accept, after efforts, there will be harvest, many things, adhere to adhere to, also come over.  

On June 1, 2021, on the occasion of June 1 International Children’s Day, the labor union and office of Luoyang Jalon Weinai New Materials Co., Ltd. went to Qiandulou Primary School on behalf of the company to attend the June 1 Art Performance and donation ceremony held by the school.  

At the ceremony, our company donated air conditioners, printers, and a batch of stationery to Qiandulou primary school, and encouraged students to study hard to become the pillars of the country!  

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