Automotive Brake System Dehydration

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Molecular sieve for Automotive Brake System

Most of the reasons for encountering dangerous traffic accidents in extreme road conditions such as long downhills are the failure of the brake caused by the temperature rise formed by the brakes during the long-term high-frequency braking process. Therefore, it is very necessary and crucial to set up a cooling device.


The application of molecular sieve in Automotive Brake System

With the development of society and the progress of research, it has been found that the main reason for the heating of the brake system is the presence of trace moisture in the brake fluid. During the rapid braking of the vehicle, the braking systems rub against each other and generate a lot of heat to boil the water, which poses a great safety hazard to the braking system. And how to remove the moisture in brake fluid has become a hot topic in recent years. Therefore, a method of using molecular sieves to remove a small amount of water in the brake oil, to achieve the purpose of cooling the brake system, has been developed.

JLAB Series Molecular Sieve is specially designed to dehydrate the brake oil.

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