Refrigerant Desiccants Grade 3A Molecular Sieve

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Refrigerant Desiccant is necessary for refrigeration systems. If water is present in refrigerant, it can cause a catastrophic breakdown of the system over time. The presence of moisture can cause oil breakdown and reactions within the system, causing acid formation, which can greatly damage compressor hardware. Moisture can also freeze and build up in refrigerant lines, causing expansion and clogging, which leads to failure and refrigerant release.



Refrigerants Dehydration Molecular Sieve used for Industrial Refrigeration, Air Conditioner, refrigerators


XH Series Molecular sieve adsorbs water and acidic decomposition products of refrigerants. It can prevent decomposition of refrigerants due to the active group existing in refrigerants to protect the cooling system not to be crammed. With high strength and attrition resistance, molecular sieve can stand in good state in the copper tube of refrigerators, air conditioner and plays an important role in minimizing refrigerant dew point and widely used in different kinds of refrigerants.

XH-5 is the basic type of refrigerant desiccant, used for dehydration of R-12 and R-22 refrigerants.

XH-7 is suitable for refrigerants with stable chemical properties, used in the dehydration of R-12, R-134a refrigerant, and can also be used to absorb the moisture of some special refrigerants, such as butane in refrigerators.

XH-9 is suitable for almost all refrigerants, used for dehydration of automobile refrigerant, refrigeration equipment, engines, air conditioners, refrigerators and other refrigerants. It is used for dehydration of R-12, R-22, R-134a, R-124, R-142b, R125, R143a, R-152a.

XH-11 is used for dehydration of R-407C, R-410A, R-32 refrigerants.


XH SERIES molecular sieve is available in 0.5-1.0 mm and 1.6-2.5 mm beads.

Why Choose JALON ?

Experienced Engineer Team

Jalon respects knowledge and talent, and puts more attention into absorbing the R&D teams. Now Jalon has 2 analysis departments, 1 laboratory, 1 pilot plant for raw powder, and 1 for granulation. Over 3% of the company’s total operating income is put into R&D.

Backed by Provincial Research Center

Jalon has established solely and jointly institutes such as Henan Adsorption Molecular Sieve Engineering Technology Research Center, the Production-Education-Research Joint Laboratory of Porous Materials for Carbon Capture and Low Carbon Adsorption&Separation, etc.

Customization Capability

By 2022, the production capacity of synthetic zeolite powder is 41,000mt, activated zeolite powder 3,000mt, finished molecular sieve 42,000mt, activated alumina 5,000mt. The adequate capacity offers more flexibility in product customization.

Strict Quality Control

Strict quality control covers the whole production process from raw material purchasing, semi-finished product tests, to quality inspection. Meeting the requirements of clients is always Jalon’s priority.

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