Molecular Sieve JLCOS


Molecular Sieve JLCOS

Luoyang JALON JLCOS is a synthetic crystalline aluminosilicate with well-developed three-dimensional pore structure and strong polarity. Molecular sieve JLCOS adsorbent is specially designed copper ion based zeolite for purification of carbon monoxide gas in chemical synthesis industry due to its strong selectivity to carbon monoxide. It can also be used for purification of hydrogen, methane, nitrogen and other gases containing carbon monoxide impurities.

zeolite for cryogenic air separation

Technical Specifications

The synthesis of many important chemical products (such as acetic acid, oxalic acid, dimethylformamide, phosgene, etc.) requires high purity CO gas. At the same time, CO gas resources are very rich, but it is often combined with CH4, CO2, N2, H2. It coexists with water vapor and other gases, so it needs to be separated and purified before it can be used.


As a toxic and harmful gas, CO can poison the multidirectional catalysts in the synthesis industry and cause harm to people’s health and life. Therefore, it must be separated, purified, recycled and reused.



Major Applications

PSA adsorb CO

JL-COS adsorbent is sensitive to oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor and sulfur-containing gas.

Compared with ordinary molecular sieves, high-efficiency CO adsorbents have stronger selectivity for CO and larger adsorption capacity (can increase by about 60%).

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