Ethanol Dehydration

Ethanol Dehydration


The challenges faced in the waterfree ethanol production

Molecular sieve ethanol dehydration, the lower its water content, the higher quality of alcohol is produced. However, using typical multi-pressure distillation processes alone, the ethanol to water azeotopic ratio is at 95.5%, with a maximum of 97.2%. Further purification is needed to exceed the limits for a more refined final product.


The application of our molecular sieve to get waterfree ethanol

Ethanol Dehydration Grade Molecular Sieve JLED is specially designed for ethanol dehydration by PSA or VSA unit. To create a highly refined ethanol product, the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) method is combined with the standard multi-pressure distillation process, In this process, water molecules are drawn out and absorbed by the pores of the molecular sieves, allowing only the ethanol to pass through. The process results in a final ethanol product that has purification of 99.8%.

Why JALON Molecular Sieve

Superior Performance

Molecular sieves from JALON are highly adsorbent, minimizing the co-adsorption of ethanol and other smaller molecules in the extraction process. Our products guarantee more yield and higher purification.

Stable Feature

Because of its high-quality production, our molecular sieves can withstand rapid temperature changes in the adsorbent bed, keeping the process stable and protecting the quality of the final product.

Long lifespan

Our molecular sieves last longer than the competition, thanks to its uniform bead size and high crush strength. It can take a lot of pressure without any changes in its composition or form.


With long-lasting and highly efficient molecular sieves, there is less need for item replacements or maintenance. This lowers down cost for new sieves, giving more back to your pocket.

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