JLHA-100 Ag-Zeolite Hydrogen Getter


JLHA-100 Ag-Zeolite Hydrogen Getter

JLHA-100 silver molecular sieve is a new generation of high-efficiency hydrogen absorbing material used in the vacuum interlayer of high-vacuum multi-layer insulation containers. It can effectively adsorb the slowly released H2 of carbon steel, stainless steel, insulation materials, etc., so as to ensure that the interlayer always keeps a super High vacuum. JLHA-100 silver molecular sieve adopts brand new small-crystal molecular sieve synthesis technology, fully crystalline molecular sieve carrier molding technology, and active silver ion loading and activation technology so that it has excellent mechanical strength, hydrogen absorption rate, and hydrogen absorption capacity at the same time.

molecular sieve beads

Technical Specifications

Item Unit Property Test conditions
Appearance / Yellow Spherical Particles Visual Observation
Diameter mm 1.2-1.6 Standard Screen
   Crush Strength N ≥12 Average
Bulk Density g/mL 1.0±0.1        Settled
BET m2/g ≥300 Liquid Nitrogen
Silver Content wt% ≥40 XRF
Package Moisture wt% ≤1.5 500℃ 2h
Flammability / Non-Flammable /
Heat-Resistance Temperature ≤500℃ /

Major Applications

Hydrogen getter with a cryogenic tank vacuum space

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  • Usage

    Due to the different production processes and operations of each manufacturer, it is generally recommended that the dosage of JLHA-100 be 10-15 times that of palladium oxide, and there is no need to activate it before use;

  • Storage

    In order to avoid damage to the glass bottle during transportation and storage, add foam packaging.

Professional Package

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