JLDN-1 (SSZ-13) Zeolite Powder


JLDN-1 (SSZ-13) Zeolite Powder

JLDN- 1 is mainly used for purification and removal of NOx in diesel exhaust.


1. High crystallinity, good hydrothermal stability, cation exchangeability, and adjustable acidity.

2. JLDN-1 zeolite can adsorb N2, CH4, and CO2 molecules with a critical diameter of not more than 3.8 Å.

3. Being used as a catalyst for the catalytic purification of NH3-SCR in diesel exhaust gas and methanol to olefins.

Frame type: Structure silicon-aluminum ratio (SiO2/Al2O3): 5-pure silicon; Channel characteristics: three-dimensional 8-element ring channel, pore diameter 0.38nm; Structure Si/Al ratio suitable for NOx catalyst: 8~35; Optimum Cu quantity: ~2-5%;

The most widely used SCR catalyst for denitrification of diesel engine thermal power plant is a vanadium-based catalyst, and its carrier is titanium dioxide. The high transforming rate window is between 300℃ and 400℃, suitable for denitrification at medium and high temperatures. It is not suitable for low-temperature flue gas treatment or diesel engine exhaust emission treatment under low operating load. Due to the wide range of diesel engine exhaust gas temperatures (150~600℃), it is necessary to find a catalyst with a wider temperature window in order to meet increasingly stringent emission standards. And now we have the equivalent product JLDN-1.


Technical Specifications


Condition Unit JLDN-1H


Static Water Adsorption

25℃, RH75%

%wt ≥20


Package Moisture

550℃. 2h

%wt ≤ 5

≤ 12





Silicon to aluminum





Major Applications

Diesel Exhaust Denitrification

As one of the most mature and widest used technology for denitrification, selective catalytic reduction with ammonia (NH3-SCR) has been studied in various aspects.

Modified JLDN-1 has good catalytic performance for many important chemical reaction processes.

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