PSA Oxygen Generators

JLOX-500 series molecular sieve are mainly used in PSA oxygen generator for generation of high purity oxygen with the advantages of faster adsorption rate, higher oxygen production rate and longer use life.oxygen purity is up to 93%±3%

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PSA Generator

VPSA Oxygen Generators

JLOX-103  oxygen enrichment sieve bed is the lithium form aluminosilicate with X type crystal structure. lithium based high performance oxygen enrichment sieve bed;designed for industrial VPSA oxygen plant,Capacily: 300 -10000 Nm3/hour, oxygen purity is up to 93%±3%

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vpsa oxygen sieve

Portable medical PSA oxygen concentrator

Portable medical oxygen concentrators sieve bed material using molecular sieve as adsorbent, by pressure swing adsorption (pressure swing adsorption, PSA) in ambient air as raw material, under the condition of normal temperature low pressure, when using molecular sieve pressure of nitrogen in the air (adsorbate) adsorption capacity increases, the decompression of the characteristics of the nitrogen adsorption capacity to reduce in the air, forming pressure adsorption pressure desorption process of rapid cycling to separating oxygen and nitrogen in the air, resulting in a high concentration of oxygen.

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Cryogenic Air Separation

Cryogenic air separation plays a key role in producing oxygen, nitrogen, and argon by separating contaminants such as carbon dioxide and water from a gas stream.

Our rapid absorption solution can satisfy the wide needs of air separation across numerous industrial production.

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PSA adsorb CO

JL-COS adsorbent is sensitive to oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor and sulfur-containing gas.

Compared with ordinary molecular sieves, high-efficiency CO adsorbents have stronger selectivity for CO and larger adsorption capacity (can increase by about 60%).

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Ethanol Dehydration

Ethanol Dehydration Grade Molecular Sieve have lower its water content, the higher quality of alcohol is produced. However, using typical multi-pressure distillation processes alone, the ethanol to water azeotopic ratio is at 95.5%, with a maximum of 97.2%. Further purification is needed to exceed the limits for a more refined final product.

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Ethanol Dehydration

Polyurethane Industry

Moisture is one of the primary challenges in the polyurethane industry since the material readily absorbs water from the air and create gaseous carbon with the isocyanate constituent. The Carbon Dioxide gases can create undesirable effects such as air bubbles on polyurethane coating, which significantly decreases the shelf life of the product.

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zeolite for Polyurethane industry

Air Drying

As a process, air drying takes away the moisture from the air, keeping the machinery and equipment running uninterrupted.

This is an energy-efficient and cost-effective method of maintaining moisture levels within the area, which can help reduce production and maintenance costs.

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Air dryer

Hydrogen getter with a cryogenic tank vacuum space

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Adsorbent for P-Xylene Separation

PX belongs to a kind of C8 mixed aromatics, which has 4 isomers, namely OX(ortho-xylene), MX(meta-xylene),  PX(para-xylene), and EB(ethylbenzene). Limited by the thermodynamic balance,  the OX content takes a large portion of C8 mixed aromatics at 41%-45%, while the PX content, which has the largest industrial demand, takes only about 20%. Many world-scale projects are being configured to produce maximum volumes of chemicals. In order to maximize the production of PX, technologies such as toluene disproportionation, trans-alkylation, and isomerization are usually used in industry to increase the production of PX.

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