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There are a number of applications that 13x molecular sieves are used for on the industrial level. A good number of things that we depend on are made using the 13x molecular sieve processes. We are going to look at some of the industrial applications that have defined the modern manufacturing process, among many other things. If you have always been curious to know how 13x molecular sieve processes have a direct impact on your day-to-day life, then stick around to the end.

Landfill Gas Applications

Gas Plant

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One of the biggest challenges of the modern world is getting rid of toxic wastes that have to be buried in landfills. This, however, is never enough, toxic waste that are gaseous forms like Hydrogen Sulfide are hard to get rid of through natural means, and when considering their levels of toxicity, a reliable process is necessary for cleaning up things. 13x molecular sieves can be used to get rid of these toxic gasses from any landfill, and this will save your company millions of dollars that usually go into maintaining landfills to stop them from giving off toxic gases into the air.

Waste to Biogas Conversion

Biogas Setup

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The use of livestock waste to produce energy has been around for many years, although the process has become more refined in the last 50 years, all thanks to technological advances. The use of 13x molecular sieves to convert livestock waste into biogas that’s used in homes has taken off successfully in most countries around the world. However, the natural process that produces methane gas that’s used for domestic purposes, hydrogen sulfide is also produced, and this can be toxic. This is where the use of 13x molecular sieves comes in handy as it is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of Hydrogen Sulphide.

Natural Gas Dehydration

Natural Gas

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The removal of moisture from natural gases is called dehydration, and it is a very complicated princess that involves sophisticated elements and compounds that isolate moisture, leaving behind natural gases that are then split into their individual forms later on. 

These molecular sieves are designed specifically for this role and are made to maximize the absorption of carbon dioxide. This is very necessary if the gas is to be used in other applications. For instance, when it comes to separating oxygen from other gasses, it is important that no other impurities are found within the final batch since oxygen is used in some of the most intensive applications in the medical world.

Mercaptan Removal

Mercaptan Process

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In the industrial circles, there’s a process called the Mercaptan oxidation, which is a very important and economical process that is used to treat liquefied gas, better known as LPG.  This process helps in the removal of unwanted compounds called mercaptans that majorly include things like sulfur. It is a sophisticated process that heavily relies on special catalysts in combination with 13x molecular sieves. The process isn’t just limited to LPG only but is used in the decontamination of light naphtha, butanes, propane, jet fuel, and kerosene, the latter of which is widely used in domestic settings in major households around the globe.

Siloxane Removal

Siloxane Removal

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Siloxane removal is the process where some wastes are traced from biogas and removed to be used in other processes rather than being discarded. Rather than add to the greenhouse gases or filling up landfills with more toxic materials, 13x molecular sieves are used to separate biogas from impurities which are later put into other uses that have a less environmental impact.

Other notable applications of 13x molecular sieves in the industrial world range from carbon dioxide enrichment in beverages, pet drying, purification of materials in cryogenic plants, among many others. All these applications are important in the daily lives of human beings, both domestically and commercially, and this is why the industrial manufacturer of 13x molecular sieves is a very important sector.


There are countless other applications of 13x molecular sieves out there being used in all kinds of industrial processes. One thing that’s for sure is that they are very necessary for the manufacture of some of the common things we depend on for our day-to-day life. For more information on how these molecular sieves are used, check out our website.

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