How Jalon Ensure The Safety of The Zeolite 5a in The Container?


1 Choose a container

zeolite powder container

1) We will select 70% to 90% new containers;

2) The sealing strip of the container should be intact and there is

no risk of water leakage;

3)The floor of the container has no damage affecting the function;

4) The side wall of the container is free from damage and easy


5)Request not to use washed containers.

2 Loading

moisture test

1) Detect floor moisture when entering the factory;

2) If the floor moisture exceeds 18%, we will hang a desiccant in

the container;

3)During the loading process, we take zeolite 5A packing photos to confirm;

In order to ensure the safety of the goods delivered to you, we have

done much more than that.

zeolite powder packing

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