High-efficiency molecular sieve applied in an air separation unit


As we all know, the purifier is an important equipment in the gas liquefaction process. The air purification system plays a role in ensuring the safe operation of the entire equipment in the air separation plant process. However, the air purification system generally consists of a molecular sieve adsorber and a regeneration heating device.Molecular sieve adsorber is its key equipment. The adsorber is filled with adsorbents such as molecular sieve and activated alumina to adsorb and remove carbon dioxide, moisture and some hydrocarbons in the air.

Large-scale air separation equipment often uses vertical radial flow and horizontal radial flow purifiers. Compared with horizontal radial flow purifiers, vertical radial flow purifiers having the following advantages: favorable airflow direction during adsorption and desorption; small footprint; small thermal power of the equipment; high bed stability; wide scale adaptability.

molecular sieve

The 60,000 air separation unit provided by Yingde Gas for the Shandong Iron and Steel Project adopts a vertical radial flow design. It is filled with 111 tons of our company’s JLPM3 high-efficiency molecular sieve and 132 tons of activated alumina. It will be put into operation in October 2017. The adsorption time designed for 6 hours, the CO₂ content at the outlet of the two purifiers is 0.1~0.2ppm.

JLPM series molecular sieves are mainly used for the cryogenic drying of general industrial gases, the removal of H₂O and CO₂ in the purification system of the air separation unit, and the desulfurization (removal of H₂S and mercaptans) and CO₂ of natural gas and other hydrocarbons. The JLPM series molecular sieve meets the individual needs of different customers.

 Compared with traditional 13X molecular sieves, JLPM series molecular sieves have larger adsorption capacity and faster adsorption speed for various impurity gases; especially for the purification system of air separation plants, the regeneration cycle can be extended by 50-100%, The energy saving effect is remarkable.

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