8 Guidelines for Molecular Sieve Loading Process


Molecular Sieve (also known as Synthetic Zeolite) is a kind of microporous aluminosilicate crystals. Mainly used in gas refining and purification, petrochemical, refrigeration, automobiles, insulating glass, medicine, paint and coating and other fields. The loading process of the molecular sieve has a great influence on the performance of the molecular sieve. Improper loading process will cause the pores of the molecular sieve to be permanently destroyed. When the pores of the molecular sieve are destroyed, even through regeneration, the adsorption capacity of the molecular sieve cannot be recovered.

So how to ensure that the performance of the molecular sieve is not reduced during the loading process?


Here as molecular sieve manufacturer we have prepared 8 useful guidelines as follow for your reference:

1、Workers loading molecular sieve should wear work clothes and masks to avoid inhalation of dust. An oxygen mask must be worn when operating in the adsorption tower.

2、Molecular sieve has a strong water absorption capacity, and the molecular sieve cannot be directly exposed to the air before loading. Otherwise, the molecular sieve will adsorb water vapor and CO2 in the air and affect the adsorption performance of the molecular sieve.

3、Molecular sieve should be loaded in a dry, no oil mist, no corrosive gas environment. Don’t choose to load molecular sieve in rainy weather. Oil mist and corrosive gases can block or destroy the pores of the molecular sieve, permanently destroying the performance of the molecular sieve. Therefore, in the process of loading and use, the molecular sieve should be prevented from being exposed to oil or corrosive gases.

4、Before loading the molecular sieve, the adsorption tower needs to be cleaned to ensure that the adsorption tower is clean.

5、Before loading the LiLSX Grade molecular sieve, it is necessary to replace the air in the adsorption tower with N2 and load it under the condition of the continuous supplement of N2 in the adsorption tower.

6、Before opening the packaging barrel of molecular sieve, check whether the packaging barrel is damaged, whether the clamp is loose or falling off. After confirming that the sealing is complete, open the packaging barrel and load it quickly.

7、After loading, the adsorption tower should be shaken in time to ensure that the molecular sieve is tightly packed in the adsorption tower.

8、After loading, the adsorption tower should be sealed immediately to isolate it from the air.

molecular sieve loading
molecular sieve loading

In addition to these suggestions in the loading process, there are also many precautions for the unloading process. During the unloading process, the molecular sieve may adsorb many chemical compounds. When molecular sieves are exposed to the open environment, these adsorbed chemicals may desorb again. These desorbed compounds may cause safety and health hazards. To ensure the safety of everyone, some necessary precautions and equipment need to be taken before unloading process.

What other measures do you think are necessary during the loading and unloading process of molecular sieve? Welcome everyone to leave a message for discussion.

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