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Jalon is one of the best zeolite molecular sieve manufacturers in China and around the world. We have continued to offer incredible options to all our customers for more than 20 years. We provide molecular sieves of the best quality to accurately cater to your needs.

Our molecular sieves beads and pellets are applicable in different industries, some of which include medicals, refineries, natural gas, coal chemical, and oxygen generation among others. Our expertise in the supply of quality molecular sieves has allowed us to work with clients from all over the world.

We pride ourselves on providing reliable and quality molecular sieve desiccant, which come in different sizes and shapes. By choosing Jalon as your trusted zeolite molecular sieve supplier, you can rely on our commitment to delivering high-performance products that drive your success.

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Why JALON Stands Out in Molecular Sieve Manufacturers

Tailored Project Analysis

Our expert team conducts in-depth analyses of your requirements, offering detailed project reports and preliminary plans tailored to your needs. We offer optimal solutions ensuring the best performance and value.

Comprehensive Solutions

We offer a wide range of grades, including A, X, and Z-type, catering to various separation and purification needs. Our diverse product portfolio ensures you find the perfect solution for your application.

ISO-Compliant Quality

By integrating ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 international quality standards into our core operations and focusing on quality in mass production, we ensure consistent high-quality molecular sieves.

Constant Technical Support

As your reliable molecular sieve manufacturer, we offer whole-process technical service, including assistance, adsorbent activation, and process optimization. Our support ensures smooth integration of our products into your application, maximizing efficiency and performance.

Risk-Free Evaluation

Flexibility with No MOQ

We understand that your needs may vary, which is why we have no minimum order quantity requirement. This flexibility allows you to order exactly what you need for your specific application, without any unnecessary surplus.

Complete Marketing Network

Complete Marketing Network

With our worldwide partners and complete marketing network, we provide on-site or online engineering support, operation services, and troubleshooting for your entire project. Choose Jalon and benefit from our global presence and expertise.

Industry-Leading Production Capabilities at Jalon

molecular sieve workshop

Client-Centric Innovation Labs

With an investment of over 14.5 million CNY, our state-of-the-art labs are equipped with the most advanced facilities, enabling us to conduct experiments and tests at the highest level, covering more complex application areas. This allows us to develop customized molecular sieve solutions tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency for your unique applications.

Rigorous Quality Oversight

Our advanced in-house laboratory is equipped with international-standard testing equipment, and we continually invest in custom testing facilities to meet your specific application needs. This commitment to expanding our capabilities ensures that all materials, samples, and products are rigorously analyzed and certified according to your unique requirements.

High-Performance Production Lines

Boasting the largest production capacity in Asia, our fully automated DCS-controlled production lines guarantee maximum safety, efficiency, and product quality. By leveraging advanced computer technology to monitor, operate, and manage the production process, we can ensure high levels of automation, minimize energy and raw material consumption, and ultimately deliver superior molecular sieve products to our customers.

Expert Scientific Team

Our team of 56 seasoned experts, predominantly holding Ph.D. and Master’s degrees from prestigious universities worldwide, drives groundbreaking innovations in molecular sieve technology. Our R&D team focuses on developing cutting-edge microporous materials and applications, giving our customers access to the latest advancements in the field and a competitive edge in their industries.

Superior Calcination Process

Jalon’s proprietary calcination process is a key factor in producing high-performance molecular sieves. Our advanced techniques effectively remove moisture and organic additives while maintaining the zeolite’s structural integrity, resulting in superior adsorption capacity, selectivity, and stability, providing a significant advantage in their specific applications.

Expertly Crafted Manufacturing Processes

Jalon’s proprietary manufacturing processes use the automated system production lines process control systems.Formed a complete industrial chain of adsorption materials, making the production of adsorption materials more intensive and large-scale.Jalon Company has passed ISO9001 certification, and having a complete and strict internal control system process. At the same time, The company has a provincial R & D center. And we cooperate with Jilin University and Beijing University of Science and Technology to improve product performance and develop new products according to customer’s special requirements. Besides our company values environmental protection. Here’s the production flow of molecular sieve:

Synthetic zeolite powder

High-Quality Raw Materials

We ensure consistent, superior performance by starting with the highest quality raw materials. Our vertically integrated production process, combining premium imported clay with internally-produced zeolite powder, allows for strict quality control throughout manufacturing, optimizing costs and guaranteeing unrivaled product quality and consistency.


Precision Mixing

Automated pneumatic valves and DCS systems manage the exact sequence and proportions of each component. This ensures a uniform blend, crucial for consistent adsorption properties and material performance.


Automated Forming Process

Synthetic zeolite powder, binders, and additives are precisely combined and formed into uniform spherical beads. This step ensures optimal adsorption efficiency and durability.


Controlled Drying and Calcination

Proprietary high-temperature techniques are used to remove moisture and organic additives. This process solidifies product stability, ensuring high-performance molecular sieves ready for demanding applications.

Secure and Efficient Packaging

Secure and Efficient Packaging

Precise sieving, polishing, cooling, and rapid packaging (with various sizes and materials for chosen) under controlled low-humidity conditions (< 50%). This minimizes moisture adsorption, guaranteeing the lowest possible water content and ensuring that our molecular sieves consistently meet the most stringent industry standards for optimal performance.

Molecular Sieve Adsorption capabilities

Zeolites are crystalline aluminosilicates with molecular sieving attributes, which makes them being broadly used for catalysis, sorption, and ion exchange applications. Jalon’s molecular sieves are engineered to provide superior adsorption capabilities, high selectivity, and excellent durability, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of industries. Our products are designed to help you optimize your processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Here are the following zeolite powder uses:


Molecular sieve 3A feature average pores measuring 3 angstroms (0.3nm), any molecules larger than 3 angstroms will be immediately sieved out. 3A mol sieves are widely used for specific needs in varied industries including ethanol dehydration, cracked gas dehydration, refrigerant dehydration, and natural gas dehydration among others.


3A Molecular Sieve

4A Molecular Sieve


The diameter featured in 4A mol sieves comes in at 4 angstroms (0.4nm). This allows the sieve to easily exclude molecules with a larger diameter. Molecular sieve 4A is the preferred adsorbent for the static dehydration in a closed gas or liquid drying system, making them highly effective molecular sieves for water removal in various applications.




We offer molecular sieve 5A designed and developed by the best in the business. Our 5A molecular sieves feature a diameter of 5 angstroms(0.5nm). This allows you to exclude any particles or molecules that have a larger size in diameter.


5A Molecular Sieve

13X Molecular Sieve


Molecular sieve 13x is designed to ensure that its performance in an application is top-notch. The 13x molecular sieve features a diameter of 10 angstroms (1nm). This goes to show that all particles and molecules larger than 1nm will be excluded.



We offer CAX molecular sieves designed and developed by the best in the business. Our Molecular Sieve CaX is the calcium form of the type X crystal and has a much larger pore opening than the type A crystals.Calcium X (CaX) and Calcium LSX (CaLSX) are the calcium-exchanged forms of the 13X and LSX type zeolites. It will adsorb molecules with a kinetic diameter of less than9 Angstrom (0.9nm) and exclude molecules of larger than 0.9nm.  


Calcium X Molecular Sieve

Lithium X Zeolite


JALON Molecular sieve JLOX-100 series is designed for oxygen concentrator that has high-efficiency nitrogen adsorption, JLOX101 molecular sieve is a lithium X-type(LIX Zeolite) aluminosilicate crystal, adsorb nitrogen from the air while allowing the oxygen to pass get purified enriched-oxygen through the system pressure swing adsorption(PSA) in a medical oxygen concentrator devices. It has the characteristics of large nitrogen adsorption capacity, high nitrogen and oxygen separation coefficient, and easy desorption. Its nitrogen adsorption capacity is 2-3 larger than the A-type oxygen molecular sieve. 


More Molecular Sieve Types and Applications

Efficient PSA Hydrogen Purification with JLPH5

Molecular sieves excel in various purification applications. For PSA hydrogen purification, JLPH5 delivers high adsorption and quick desorption rates. As a trusted molecular sieve supplier, we ensure your hydrogen purification systems run efficiently and consistently.

Cost-Effective PSA Oxygen Generation

The JLOX-500 series excels in high N2 adsorption and durability. Ideal for PSA oxygen generators, it reduces operational costs and energy consumption. Trusted by top molecular sieves suppliers, our products ensure superior performance and economic benefits.

VPSA Oxygen Generators

Advanced VPSA Oxygen Generation Solutions

Specially designed for VPSA oxygen plants, the JLOX-103 lithium-based molecular sieve offers 2-3 times the N2 adsorption capacity. As a premier molecular sieve manufacturer, we enhance your system’s efficiency and oxygen purity, maximizing economic returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Molecular sieve is a kind of adsorbent or membrane material with uniform micropores, mainly composed of silicon, aluminum, oxygen and other metal cations. Its pore size is equivalent to the general molecular size, and various fluid molecules are screened according to its effective pore size. Zeolite molecular sieves refer to those natural and synthetic crystalline aluminosilicates that have molecular sieve function. Molecular sieves can be produced in various forms, including molecular sieve beads, pellets, and desiccant powder, depending on the specific application requirements. 

In the world gas separation and purification is used in many industries.Molecular sieve is high performance adsorbent with excellent kinetic gas adsorption and separation capacity. Moleular sieve is widely used in various industries such as cryogenic air separation, PSA&VPSA oxygen generator, hydrogen purification, natural gas dehydration, ethanol dehydration, ethylene dehydration, propylene dehydration, ethanol dehydration, refrigerant dehydration, air break system, insulating glass, etc.

Zeolite molecular sieves are crystalline silicates or aluminosilicates, formed by silico-oxygen tetrahedrons or alumino-oxygen tetrahedrons connected by oxygen bridges to form pores and voids of molecular size. Cavity system, which has the characteristics of sieving molecules. However, with the in-depth research on the synthesis and application of zeolite molecular sieves, researchers have discovered phosphoaluminate zeolite molecular sieves, and the framework elements (silicon or aluminum or phosphorus) of zeolite molecular sieves can also be composed of B, Ga, Fe, Cr, Ge, I, V , Mn, Co, Zn, Be, and Cu, etc., and the size of the pores and cavities can reach 2 nm or more. Therefore, zeolite molecular sieves can be divided into silicon-aluminum zeolite molecular sieves, phosphorus-aluminum zeolite molecular sieves and framework heteroatom zeolite molecular sieves according to the composition of the framework elements.

Divided by channel size, zeolite molecular sieves with channel sizes less than 2 nm, 2~50 nm and greater than 50 nm are called microporous, mesoporous and macroporous molecular sieves, respectively. Due to its large pore size, it becomes a good carrier for large-size molecular reactions, but the pore wall of the mesoporous material is amorphous, so that its hydrothermal and thermal stability cannot meet the harsh conditions required by petrochemical applications.

Because it contains metal ions with a low electricity and a large ion radius and water in a combined state, water molecules are continuously lost after heating, but the crystal skeleton structure remains unchanged, forming many cavities of the same size, and the cavities have many diameters. The same micropores are connected. These tiny pores have uniform diameters, which can adsorb molecules smaller than the pore diameter into the inside of the pores, while repelling molecules larger than the pores, so that molecules with different shapes and diameters can be excluded. Molecules with different degrees of polarity, molecules with different boiling points, and molecules with different degrees of saturation are separated, that is, they have the function of “sieving” molecules, so they are called molecular sieves. At present, molecular sieves are widely used in metallurgy, chemical, electronics, petrochemical, natural gas and other industries.

Molecular sieve is a kind of aluminosilicate crystal. Because the pore size of zeolite molecular sieve is uniform, only when the molecular dynamics diameter is smaller than that of zeolite molecular sieve can it easily enter the cavity and be adsorbed. Therefore, zeolite molecular sieve is like a sieve for gas and liquid molecules. According to the size of the molecule to determine whether to be adsorbed. Because the zeolite molecular sieve has strong polarity in the crystalline cavity, it can interact with the molecules containing polar groups on the surface of the zeolite molecular sieve, or by inducing the polarization of the polarizable molecules to produce strong adsorption. This kind of polar or easily polarized molecule is easily adsorbed by polar zeolite molecular sieve, which reflects another adsorption selectivity of zeolite molecular sieve.


There are two main methods of molecular sieve regeneration: heating and high temperature regeneration and vacuum regeneration. Since the adsorption does not cause chemical changes, as long as you try to drive off the molecules that are concentrated on the surface, the zeolite molecular sieve has adsorption capacity again. This process is the reverse process of adsorption, called activation, or desorption or regeneration. Molecular sieve activation refers to the process in which adsorbates such as moisture adsorbed by the molecular sieve are driven out of the molecular sieve through high-temperature heating or vacuuming, so that the molecular sieve can restore the adsorption capacity.  

With over 20 years of experience, Jalon has established itself as one of the most trusted molecular sieves suppliers in China and worldwide. Our expertise and commitment to innovation set us apart from other molecular sieve manufacturers, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality products and services.

Yes, at Jalon, we pride ourselves on being a customer-centric molecular sieve factory. Our expert team works closely with clients to develop customized molecular sieve solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements. Whether you need a unique pore size or a special formulation, we have the knowledge and resources to deliver a product that meets your exact specifications.


Jalon boasts one of the largest production capacities among molecular sieve manufacturers, with state-of-the-art facilities and automated production lines. As a leading molecular sieve supplier, we are well-equipped to handle large-scale orders without compromising on quality or delivery time. Our streamlined processes and advanced infrastructure ensure that we can meet the demands of even the most challenging projects.

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